Stefano De Martino – Italian Dancer and TV Personality Will Be New Lexus Ambassador.

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi-Magazine: Stefano De Martino is an Italian dancer and TV presenter, known as Ex partner of Belen Rodriguez. His success came in 2009 when he became one of the participants of the talent show Amici: this experience allowed him to win a contract with the Complexions Contemporary Ballet.

stefano de Martino

The following year he returned to Amici, but as a professional dancer: in 2012 his relationship with Emma Marrone, a singer known during the talent show, ends due to his meeting with Belen Rodriguez. In 2013 he married Belen Rodriguez and became Santiago’s father: despite a period of separation, in 2019 the couple reunited and then separated permanently in 2020. Between 2016 and 2018 he took part in the cast of Selfie – Things change , was a correspondent of the reality show The Island of the Famousand led Made in Sud.

More information about Stenfano De Martion

Full name: Stefano De Martino
Born: October 3, 1989, Torre Annunziata, Naples, Italy
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 1.86m
Partners: Belen Rodriguez (2012-2020), Emma Marrone (2010-2012)
Parents: Enrico De Martino, Mariarosaria Scassillo
  • Andrea Iannone (current)
  • Fabrizio Corona (2009 – 2012)
  • Marco Borriello (2004 – 2008)

Husband (ex): Stefano De Martino (2013–2015)

Children: Santiago De Martino (9 April 2013)

Sister: Cecilia Rodriguez

Brother: Jeremias Rodriguez


  • Selfie – Things change
  • Big Brother VIP
  • Friends of Maria De Filippi
  • Island of the famous
  • Men and women
  • Big Brother

Stefano De Martino is the new Lexus Ambassador

In view of new ambitious growth objectives, the premium brand of the Toyota group has decided to entrust the TV presenter with the task of telling the world of Lexus and its future projects.

Still He Emotionally Attached to her ex-wife Emma

Some days ago, the Neapolitan host said that he does not want to remarry Belen, once enough and advances. He still feel affection for Emma.

In fact, De Martino specifies : “I think there is a sort of emotional transfer towards us. Everyone has had a tormented love: in the almost morbidness with which they want to understand how it ends there is the veiled hope that there is also a happy ending. for them”. Again, he says that he regularly goes to the psychologist saying: “I can look at myself from the outside, before I was at the mercy of emotions”.

In July, he enjoyed vacations on Pontine Islands with his ex Belen. He had shared some pics of it on his Instagram Account…


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All at full speed, therefore, with Stefano De Martino . Harmony reigns between the two and the career leap of the Neapolitan showman seems to have greatly benefited the balance of the relationship. Not long ago, in fact, Stefano had made it clear that he had suffered the reductive label of “Belen’s husband”. A label that has now disappeared, because with his skills it has carved out an important space in the world of television.

“Before Stefano de Martino suffered from the fame of Belen. She overshadowed him, in fact he was her husband for everyone ”,  confirmed a friend of the couple on Nuovo TV. “Today Stefano is an established person and between the two he is the one who works the most, so the couple works even better ,” he continued.


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