When to Say “I Love You”

When to say I love you

The “I love you” confession is the most complex combination of two words in a relationship. Some can’t say it, others shoot it too early, and still others wait too long.

If you feel that you have feelings for your partner that are more than just attraction, find the right moment to confess your love! What are the signs that it’s time to do it?

You no longer think you will scare him/her. At the beginning of a relationship, the fear of not scaring the other with our confessions is common. Of course, we can’t blame couples – it’s normal for an early love confession to ask some questions.

But if things go smoothly long enough for you to be sure that “I love you” will not scare your partner – tell him/her!

You feel completely comfortable with it.
While the partners get used to each other, there are topics that create inconvenience. Over time, however, the causes of discomfort gradually diminish. When that happens, admit that you love your partner! Sooner or later you have to do it. If he/she responds with the same – great! If not – at least you tried.

You have already shown it

In a relationship, it is more important to show love, not just express it. If by your actions you have already shown your partner your love, express it in words. It is true that some people find it harder to say what they feel, but it is good to do it from time to time. Who knows – tomorrow you may not be able to do it!

It makes you happier than ever

When to Say I Love YouAbove all, love between two people must bring happiness. If you feel as if you are flying, as if time stops when you are together, as if he/she is the other half of your body and soul – say “I love you” without hesitation! Obviously this is the truth!

You can’t imagine life without him/her

There are problems in every relationship. Probably in the most ideal too. This is inevitable and absolutely human. But if, despite all this, you can’t imagine life without your partner, then you love him/her.

You just feel it

Many people confuse love with passion. Usually the passion and physical desire for someone fades and only then comes the love. If she does not come – the connection is over. But if you realize that even after the passions have subsided in the beginning, you think of your partner, you want to be by your partner side and he/she is by your side, then love has taken a permanent place in your heart.

Just say “I love you”!

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