Priya Singh Meghwal – 1st Female Body Builder From Rajsthan

Priya singh meghwal body builder

Sports Desk, Delhi Magazine: Priya Singh Meghwal is the 1st international Indian female bodybuilder from Rajsthan. She has won the title of Miss Rajasthan three consecutive times in 2018, 2019, 2020. She has also won the Gold Medal in the 39th International Women’s Bodybuilding Competition held in Pattaya, Thailand.

Priya meghwal after winninng gold medal in bodybuildig in thailand

Who is Priya Singh Meghwal

Priya Singh is originally from Bikaner, Rajasthan. The old-fashioned family got her married at the age of 8 only.

Priya singh before body building

At that time she neither knew about the pheras( wedding rituals) nor the promises taken in them. She was a village girl leading a simple life. She has also run sheep and goats in her childhood. After marriage, my family members kept me with them for three to four years.

priya singh in bridal sari

Priya Singh has studied up to fifth standard. She used to a good athlete. She got three silver medals in music. She was at the forefront in Kabaddi as well.

Priya singh in white dress

According to her, “Had I studied regularly, I would have probably passed with very good numbers. And someone used to do the job of belt. Belt job was one of my passion. Whenever I went for a job, I was made fun of because my marks were not good, once I went to the gym, I broke my arm on the very first day, so I was made fun of for being a girl among all the boys.”

Priya singh beautiful body

But due to poor financial condition of the family, she decided to do a job. Due to Priya’s good personality, she also got a job in a gym. In which Priya was also motivated by seeing people exercising. And started gym training. And within a few years, Priya became a great bodybuilder.

Priya singh in ealier days of her body building

While doing gym, Priya came to know that there is also a body builder championship. But no woman in Rajasthan could enter it. From that very day, Priya was determined to go for the championship. And kept working hard day and night keeping in mind the diet and other things.

Female Body Builder Priya Singh’s Family

International Gold Medalist Priya also has two children. But she perfectly balances the family and her routine. Due to which she has won this title.

Priya singh with her daughter and mom
Priya Singh with her daughter

She has an account on social media. In which it is written that the journey from veil to bikini. She has about 33 thousand followers on Instagram only. At the same time, pictures are also viral on social media.

Priya Singh with her mom and dad
Priya Singh Meghwal with Her Mom and Dad

Rajasthan’s first female bodybuilder Priya Singh has once again brought laurels to India. Priya Singh has won the Gold Medal in the 39th International Women’s Bodybuilding Competition held in Pattaya, Thailand. She lost weight through hard work and sweated it out in the gym for her fitness.

Priya singh body builder in black dress

Priya Singh tells that once she went to Delhi for physical training. Where she came to know what kind of diet should be taken. How women should balance their body and reduce weight after marriage. Got information about all these things.

Bodybuilding Career Journey

Meanwhile, a bodybuilder competition was going on nearby. There she saw the names of women being called stage wise along with men. But there was no mention of Rajasthan anywhere in it. On enquiry, it came to know that the people of Rajasthan do not allow girls to go out. Only 10% of the crowd of people were girls. People were looking at those girls with support and respect.

This thing sat in her mind. She (Priya Singh Body Builder) directly came to Rajasthan and talked to her gym manager on the phone and asked about becoming a bodybuilder. The manager gave many instructions. She started paying attention to her diet and also showed improvement. Later on he also saw my improvement and succumbed to my stubbornness. He said till now I was taking it as a joke. But now I will make you prepare for it seriously. After that she won the title of Rajasthan’s first female bodybuilder in 2018.

Today Priya Singh has made a mark of herself in the field of body building. She is honored in many programs. She says that she has always got full support from her husband and family.

Lack of Support From Rajsthan Government

Bhim Army Chief Chandra Shekhar Azad has expressed the pain of Priya Singh by tweeting. While sharing a picture honoring Priya Singh on Twitter, Azad said that despite winning a gold medal at the international level, Priya Singh did not get the respect she deserved from the government or sports lovers. It is to be known that the 39th International Women’s Bodybuilding Competition was held on 17-18 December 2022 in Pattaya, Thailand, in which Rajasthan’s first female bodybuilder Priya Singh Meghwal won gold medal and Prof. You have increased the pride of India by winning the card.

Priya says that exercising not only makes the body fit and also keeps diseases away.

Sexy pic of priya singh body builder

Priya told that it takes more diet and hard work for a woman to build her body than a man. In such a situation, her family supported her. Because of which she is a successful gym trainer today. Mother of two children, Priya Singh maintains a balance between home and gym. In which her daughter and husband always support her. Priya Singh bodybuilder in photo pose

On returning home, she had to return home quietly from the airport. Because Priya Singh’s special achievement has also been ignored instead of giving commendable respect and recognition by the government. You would also like to read about most beautiful female bodybuilder Natasha Aughey.

Top Less Sexy Natasha Aughey

Although all BJP leaders including former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, former Union Minister and MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore congratulated Priya Singh by tweeting, but the state government ignored Priya Singh.

Priya Singh is very conscious about the  girls education

Priya Singh is very conscious about the education of girls and inspires people to educate their daughter. She says “I haven’t lived my childhood, but if you have a daughter, don’t take away her childhood. Girls are not a stranger’s wealth.

Priya Singh (Priya Singh Body Builder) tells about herself that she was fat and athletic in her childhood. That’s why she was married at an early age and sent to her in-laws house. Priya Singh says that she has suffered a lot in her life. She says that if her family members had good thinking, they would not have married her as a child.

Priya Singh made a mark in the field of bodybuilding after many challenges. She says that when she came to Ajmer, she had no interest in the field of bodybuilding. But still she landed in the field. Because her family was facing economic challenges at that time. Meanwhile, she has ventured into an area that is usually considered reserved for men. She says that in the beginning she also had to face criticism from family and society. The family members should also ask her to make a career in some other field.

body builder Priya singh in pose

But Priya Singh Body Builder believes that bodybuilding is a respectable sport at the international level. Like any other sport, it also has its challenges. Priya Singh says that when someone criticizes you, some people also come forward to encourage you. When she enters the bodybuilding competition, there is thunderous applause for her.

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