Vladimir Zelensky’s Wife Elena Surprises with a New Hairstyle

The First Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya

Beauty Desk, Delhi Magazine: The First Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya shared a fresh photo on her Instagram page in which she appeared with a new hairstyle.

Usually the wife of President Vladimir Zelensky wears either wavy curls or buns, but now she has appeared in front of fans with straight hair. On one side, her hair is laid behind her ear, which is decorated with a laconic earring in the form of a small ball.

In addition, it is noticeable that Zelenskaya has cut her hair. If you compare her current photos with those that were published a month ago, you can see that her hair has become shorter. However, she is not experimenting with color yet.

It is worth noting that Elena Zelenskaya has been repeatedly called the standard of beauty and fashion. She regularly appears in stylish looks that become role models.

This time, her fans also reacted approvingly to the changes in her appearance. Almost 17 thousand people liked her photo, and many left heart emojis in the comments.

Yesterday, she also addressed the “Breaking Stone: Women’s Resistance in Crimea” exhibition, which opened yesterday at the Representation of the President of Ukraine in AR Crimea/Office of the Crimean Platform. The powerful artworks depict women who were illegally imprisoned for supporting Ukraine, the wives of Crimean political prisoners, and those who have been resisting the occupiers for the past decade.


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