Russia Responded to Ukraine for the Kidnapping of Korolev

Russia responded to Kiev for Kidnapping Soviet designer Sergei Korolev. In the official Twitter account of Ukraine, in response to Russian tweets about the designer’s birthday, a post appeared: “Attention, theft! The genius of rocket and space technology Sergei Korolev, who called himself Ukrainian, was born: Zhitomir; grew up: Nizhyn, Kiev; studied: Odessa, Kiev “. “He worked, then was arrested, tortured and imprisoned for six years: Moscow, Kolyma, Kazan.”

Russia joked about the claims. A GIF image with the Soviet cartoon “Once upon a time there was a dog …” based on a Ukrainian folk tale has appeared on Russia’s Twitter account. The message states: “Is it true” Attention, theft “or Ukraine began to value the Soviet legacy? This GIF is taken from the Moscow cartoon of 1982. ”

Earlier, Elon Musk fell under the distribution of Ukrainians .

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