Apni Delhi : World Cup 2015 – 26 March 2015..World Cup Semifinal Between Australia and India

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                       As we know that today, Australian players played very well and gave the target to Indian Team – 329 Runs.
A Finch made 81 runs on 116 Balls.
D Warner made 12 runs on 7 Balls.
S Smiths made 105 runs on 93 Balls.
M Johnson made 27 runs on 9 Balls.

India Need 329 runs to win. Indian team openers:
Rohit Sharma and Sikhar Dhawan.

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Sikhar dhawan and Ajinkya Rhane and Mahender Singh Dhoni played very well but remaining Indian team didn’t play a good game, So India lost the match and out of the tournament now.
Finally Australia won the match.

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