How to deal with Breakup and Benefits of Break up

how to deal with breakup
How to deal with breakup
Love teaches us a lot in life, but what we learn from a breakup, is a teacher for life. Unless we lose something, we don’t understand what we had. However, breakup is something that is not pleasant and to deal with it you need support of family and friends. Firstly, you should accept the situation and stop expecting that the ex will be back in your life. Unless you make this effort, you cannot fight against the break up. 
Pain of Break up
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It is easier than done, and hence, no matter what you say, the pain of a breakup does not cease until long. May advices and many distractions together are needed to start gaining composure and control of life. Often, this leads to depression and anxiety if not treated and taken care on time. The reason for depression is nothing by the habit of being with someone where your entire life revolved around that one person. However, for those who overcome the pain feel blessed and thankful to the almighty. Certain times your horizon gets restricted and limited and that is when you need feel great after the breakup.
Each morning feels better than the black past where your ego and self-esteem may have been crushed. This is irrespective of the gender. 

How to deal with Breakup:

Thank the Almighty to have sent your spouse/ex in your life and pray for his/her best luck:
how to deal with break up easily
No matter how bitter or one sided the break up may have been, you should still be thankful to the Lord for having let you experience the fruit of love. Just consider the good times and move on with positivity in your heart, wishing well for the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who is gone.  you must never avenge anything and should always be in positive energy and high spirits.  The fact that love happens just one time is the thing of the past. Love is an emotion that can recur numerous times. But you must have the sight to perceive it correctly.


Leaving the past behind is the right way to perceive love and connect with your own self. What is important after the breakup is the recalling phase. You must not recall the bitterness and forget about blaming each other for something that went wrong in the past. Let bygones be bygones. Simply learn to move ahead and learn to love again.
If wishes were horses, then the beggars would ride:
Love is not a process of asking, it involves care and giving. Giving what you have in terms of emotions. Besides, destiny has a time for everything. Sometimes you are lucky when you get what you want. Other times you must not feel unlucky or sad as destiny may have a better plan devised for you. Basically, you tend to get distant from your partner after something bitter begins to happen. When you observe fights than the usual and many a times you have difference of opinion, you must not ignore. Those are signs leading to something that will be a harbinger of happiness eventually, even if that means a break up. As living happily is more important than anything else. Accept the decision of the almighty and cherish the past, with an aim to move ahead. 


Relationship is like two wheels of a bicycle:
Partners are like two wheels in a relationship. The balance deteriorates even if there is a little wobble. Therefore, it is necessary to fix both the wheels to steer the relationship.

Overwhelming Benefits of Breakup

Learn from it and It will help in keeping the next relationship:

Accept and learn from the previous relationship and make sure do not compare any relationship with each other. Breakup teaches you all the things that have soured your relationships. Do not over commit in the relationship and most certainly give space to each other.




Travel the different place with groups:

It will be the one of the best things that can distract you from the breakup. Take some time from office/business and try to visit different places with different place in groups. Try to mix with people. Now, you are free to talk everyone, visit any where you are not bound to behave in a certain manner.


Go ahead in your career or business:

After breakup you have sufficient time. Invest that productively to fulfill your dreams. You can start any certificate courses that will help you in your career. You can visit different places and observe your business opportunity there.


Enjoy Club parties:
Now, you are again single. Don’t be sad instead celebrate it to surprise yourself. You can visit night clubs at week-ends. You can ask your friends to arrange such parties at suitable places.


Now, you are free and you can enjoy many activities like river rafting in groups. You can learn and enjoy sea skating etc. and also enjoy the beach parties.
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