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Cute couple tattoos ideas

Meaning of Couple Tattoos

Sharing tattoos with friends, or with your partner is a way to show the special connection we feel towards that person. A tattoo is a promise of eternal commitment, where the illusion remains captive between the lines of that permanent drawing. For example, the love of your life .

Couples tattoos have no other intention than to show the pure affection of one person for another. They are also used as a symbol of wholeness and unity between two lovers. Some of these couple tattoos are a commitment: the two lovers promise to stay together and support each other through difficult times. Other couples decide to get matching tattoos after getting married, to represent their lifelong union. And it is that tattooing with a lover is an act of love that will accompany the couple for the rest of their life.

Tattoos for lover 2

Some couples tend to get a tattoo of a tribute to their other half on a highly visible part of the body. Anyone can say “I too can do it” but it takes a lot of courage to engrave this permanent testimony of love. Getting matching tattoos printed on you, especially for a couple, means you are absolutely sure you’ve found THE right person for you. Nothing means “forever” as well as a good tattoo. Whether you want to get a tattoo or not, it’s impossible to deny that couple tattoos are a charming gesture.

Tattoos are in fashion, and many people decide to tattoo something symbolic: the name of a child, an emblematic date, or something that is extremely important in the life of the person who is tattooed.

Ideas for couple tattoos

If you are thinking of tattooing something with the person you love the most in life, below you can find a list of tattoos for couples useful when looking for inspiration.

1. King and queen crowns

This pretty tattoo can be a great representation of love. The man tattoos a king’s crown and the woman a queen’s crown. A tattoo that takes the couple to the kingdom of love.

king and queen crown tattoo1

Tattooing the words king and queen ( king and queen ) is another popular way to honor the couple.
Words are usually preceded by the adverb ” My ” or ” my / mine “.

King and Queen Playing Cards Symbol tattoos

The font ( character ) used depends on the personal tastes of the couple and, in manycases, the writing is combined with the relative crown .

57/K and Q Letters :Another variation of this tattoo is to represent the words king and queen with the respective letters of the letters (K for the king and Q for the queen). Kq tattoos ideas for couples


2. Mr. and Mrs.

When you give your life to someone, the union between you makes you stronger people. This tattoo represents formality.

Mr and miss tattoo pics




Mr-And-Mrs.-Tatto-On-Fingers for couples

3. Love letters

Couple tattoos are adorable and very often they mean a lot. One of the most popular types of body art is the printing of two connected words on the couple’s hands. You can use your favorite phrase or a few words and tattoo them separately so that they come together when placed side by side. This tattoo includes the word “love”, which means love in English. Half a word is tattooed by one member of the couple, and the other half by the other. Together they express the desire for love to last.


lo - ve letters tattoos



Word couple tattoo ideas for Love couples

4. Split tattoos” for couples

A split tattoo is a single design cut into two pieces. The two parts can be placed, either on two parts of the body, or even on two different people. These tattoos can have a humorous (double-sided characters or hidden message) or artistic purpose. They symbolize a person’s ambivalence, his connection to others and his complexity. Split tattoos are usually located on symmetrical limbs such as the forearms, feet, legs, or hands. However, some artists working with optical effects have successfully used their entire bodies to show their emotions. A split tattoo can be a risky decision to commit to a particular relationship – family, friendship, or even more dangerous, romantic.

Split tatto0s for couples with love words

split tattoos for lover1


5. Key to the heart

Many times it is said that your partner is the one who has the key to your heart. This tattoo exemplifies just that. One tattoos his heart with a lock, and the other tattoos the key to the soul.

other tattoo ideas for couple 5



lo - ve letters tattoos


6. Bow and arrow Symbol Tattoos for Couples

The bow and arrow is a nice tattoo that represents all the battles that remain to be lived. It is a rebellious tattoo, but also passionate.

Bow and arrow tattoo designs for couple


7. Rose Tattoos for couples

The roses are popular themes and popular art of the tattoo.

couple tattoos Rose flower for lover- beauty and beast design

Rose tattoos for couples
The meanings of these flowers are many and can vary depending on the color.
Given their connection to love , passion, and desire , they make excellent subjects for couple tattoos.


8. Sun and Moon Tattoos for Couples

sun and moon tatto ideas for couple

Even the sun and moon tattoo is very popular in couple tattoos. They are two complementary topics and we have explained the meaning in the articles sun tattooand moon tattoo.

9. The anchor is a very popular design in tattoos

anchor tattoo designs for couplesSymbol of protection , loyalty and stability , it is a perfect theme to pay tribute to a lasting and stable relationship. Instead, many decide to tattoo the same subject , regardless of the symbolism it has. After all, we know that each tattoo has a different and particular meaning depending on who uses it!


10. Animal symbol Tattoos for Couples

Even animals are very popular in pair tattoo design. animal tattoo ideas -cat


animal tattoo ideas -deer
Usually one couple tattoos the man and the other the woman ( not always like this: everyone is free to love and get a tattoo of whatever they prefer! ).
However, the favorite animals in this type of tattoo is the deer.

11. Heart Tatoo ideas for Couples

The heart could not be missing in couple tattoos. heart tattoo ideas for couple
In addition, it is the quintessential symbol of love and passion !

As for the design, you can enjoy the various styles and colors – there are those who prefer the minimalist style for understated tattoos and those who choose a fantastic old school heart to celebrate their love life.

Heart couple tattoo ideas

Heart tattoos are often chosen by couples who desire matching tattoos. These tattoos have often been the favorite of many people and, generally speaking, they are often related to the symbol of the heart – be it an old school heart, a realistic heart, an anatomical heart, a heart which represents love or the Sacred Heart. Heart tattoos can have a lot of meanings. The heart is a symbol of love, assistance and kindness. A splashed heart symbol can represent a heart filled with love. It is also the true center of the human soul.

Heart tatto ideas for couple 1

12. Heartbeat

To stay on the subject, including the beating of the heart is a theme often present in tattoos partner.
It can be divided in half or fully represented by both partners. heart beat tattoos

13. Cartoons

Souls, cartoons, and video games have been a part of the tattoo world for some time.
To pay tribute to their relationship, many choose to get tattooed with cartoon characters , perhaps subjects who are also in the plot.cartoon tatoos for couple

The Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse are two of the best-known cartoon characters. Its silhouette is perfect as a tattoo.

14. Tattoo your partner

For those who love specific tattoos, there is the option of tattooing your partner .
There are those who do it using the realistic style to give the photographic souvenir effect, and those who love less flashy tattoos and choose the kawaii or minimalist style .

15. Tattoos for couples’ plants

In addition, plants are widely used themes in couple tattoos, especially by lovers of small and discreet tattoos.

plant tattoo for couples

16.  Scenes from the couple’s life

Many choose to celebrate their love by filming in the scenes of the couple’s life.

Tattooing two holding hands , two people kissing or hugging is an original and pleasant way to pay tribute to a relationship.
In this case, the most used styles are certainly minimalist and black.

couple life tattoo ideas 2


couple life tattoo ideas 2


17. Triquetra tattoo

The triquetra is a Celtic symbol that represents love and eternity and is a perfect subject for couple tattoos.

small tattoo design for couple -triquetra

18. Complementary subjects

Finally, another way to pay tribute to one’s relationship is to get tattooed on complementary, even commonly used themes.
It is a completely customizable tattoo: an original way to make a love story on your skin.

Sun and moon tattoos for couple

In this case, the possibilities are endless: get excited!

19. Butterfly

A beautiful butterfly. One of the members of the couple tattoos one half and the other the other. By joining hands it is possible to see the complete butterfly.

butterfly tattoo ideas for couple

20. Bass clef

For those people who have a great passion for music, this tattoo can mean something special.

couple tattos ideas for music lover


Small Couple Tattoo Ideas

The initials of your partner’s name or the abbreviation of a word that identifies you both can be a good example. If these abbreviations also complement each other, it will be ideal for both.

couple tattoos for lover 1

Another of the tattoos for small couples that we find inspiring and that are distinguished by having a small design, is this one that we show you below. A nice tattoo in which the silhouettes of a cat and a dog appear. A modern and undoubtedly beautiful tattoo for you and your partner to share your love for animals.


And of course, we can also bet on the small tattoo of hearts, something that is a clear expression of love between you and that also gives us footing for the next point where you can see more tattoos with hearts .


heart tatto 1



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