Yogi Government Seized Property of Gangster Pappu Kushwaha, Who Sold Fake Mawa in Agra

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Property worth Rs 3 crore 30 lakh of gangster Pappu Kushwaha, who sells fake Mawa in Agra, has been attached. The gangster had earned this entire property by selling fake mawa.

The business of making and selling fake Mawa starts flourishing around the festival of Holi. As soon as the demand for mava increases, the news of adulteration starts coming in it. The adulterants do their work so cleanly that it cannot be detected.

How to check mawa whether it is fake or real?

Original Mawa Features:

  • Check the texture of mawa by pressing it with your hands. If the mawa is soft then it is fresh and original.
  • If the smell of ghee is coming on mashing, then it is real.
  • Try eating mawa. The real mawa will melt in the mouth and the fake one will stick in the mouth.
  • Light brown mawa is fine. Absolutely white or creamy mawa can be fake.

Mawa is not original if

  • Mawa is sticking in the mouth after eating, means it is fake.
  • If you feel salty after eating, then understand that caustic soda has been mixed in it.
  • When there is even a little adulteration, its lumps start bursting.
  • Fake Mawa releases water when heated with sugar.
  • Adulterated Mava takes time to dissolve in water.

Food Security Act

Under the Food Security Act, there is a provision of fine on shopkeepers selling adulterated goods. They may even have to go to jail. If someone has eaten any adulterated food item, a non-bailable warrant will be issued for him. After this the convict will be jailed for 6 months to 3 years. But for this, those food items will be tested in the lab and punishment is certain if adulteration is proved.

On the other hand, if no one has eaten the adulterated item, then bailable warrant will be issued against the culprit.

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