12 Ideas for Unforgettable Sexual Experience and More Intense Orgasms

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Relationship Desk, Delhi Magazine: A kinky’ (or eccentric) practices can be an opportunity for anyone looking and wanting to explore new avenues in sexuality. “Give new life to your relationship by doing away with the idea that sex always has to be the same. Let go of what’s behind you, prejudices, taboos, fears or shame, because intimacy is to be experienced in a different way. free and creative way”, advises Irina Marques, specialist in educational sexology and director of Flame Love Shop, a Portuguese brand of articles for sexuality, in a statement.

1- King Out

“Explore all the possibilities of sex without penetration, focusing on your most sensitive areas and what really excites you. King Out is a practice that also has the benefits of improving communication and allowing orgasm to those who cannot. in the conventional way.”

2- Dogging

“Exhibitionism, voyeurism or swing, in dogging there’s a bit of each. This practice of having sex in public, with strangers, while others look on, can be a new challenge for more liberal couples, with consolidated relationships and accomplices.”

3- Kokigami

“Creativity is what prevails in this art or Japanese sexual game, which consists of wrapping or disguising the penis with origami (the well-known figures made of paper), to later be offered to the partner. It is a way of surprising the other with a ‘spicy’ and very special gift.”

4- BDSM, Shibari or Kinbaku

“Discover the pleasures of embodying the roles of dominant or dominated, through practices of bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadomasochism (BDSM). Also discover Shibari, the Japanese art of tying someone up with ropes, and Kinbaku, in that this art is associated with a more emotional aspect.”

5- Staging, objects and disguises

“Make the couple’s fantasies come true by stepping into the shoes of characters and staging different stories. Don’t restrict yourself in creativity, look for everything that can make the experience as real as possible, between objects related to the plot and disguises that bring them closer of the characters.”

6- Stimulation with textures

“Use and abuse materials with different textures, which can bring new sensations. Feathers, fur, silk and other fabrics, something softer or rougher, wet or dry, anything goes to get more pleasure. And, if you add a sale, it increases the feeling.”

7- Home movies

“If you’re ready to be a protagonist, maybe it’s time to think about producing your own home movies. Experience all the emotion of creating the script, the characters and the action, of preparing and filming every angle, and then watching the story on the big screen.”   

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8- Erotic and sexual menu

“Create your own erotic and sexual menu, and offer your partner the opportunity to try new “delicacies”. Like a restaurant menu, name the options and creatively describe the that compose them. Afterwards, it’s just a matter of knowing what the other will want as ‘dish of the day’.”

9- Strap-on

“This toy, which consists of a kind of belt with a dildo or vibrator attached, is intended for penetration and can be used by both sexes. If your partner is reluctant about this practice, it’s important to talk and take it slow.”

10- Swing, trios, groups and puppets

“Bringing new elements to intimacy can help break the routine and ensure more emotion. If they are prepared, they can discover changing partners and having threesomes or group sex. For those who don’t want to go that far, sex dolls bring new possibilities.”

11- Food games

“Food is on the side of carnal pleasures, so don’t overlook this option to spice up the relationship either. Take the cold, hot or room temperature sensations of ice cream, chocolate, cream, honey, oysters or fruit into your intimacy.”

12- Toys, machines and appliances

“Machines and technology help us in many dimensions of our lives and bring new horizons to intimacy. Experience the power of erotic toys, sex machines and other devices that can amplify pleasure.”

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  1. “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” ❤️‍❤️‍‍

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