Why Women Over 40 Are Attractive

Why women after 40 are more attractive

In recent years, women in their four decades are considered more attractive than younger ones because at this age they are completely independent, without pressure to marry or become a mother because they probably already did or decided not to, they have Self-confidence, they seek to have their own life, their own worries and therefore they look for successful, independent men, with diverse knowledge, fun and who do not waste their time.

women with curvy figure after 40 which attracts man

Sexually speaking, this group of women enjoy sex with full freedom, without worrying about how they will look in intimate moments, they know perfectly what are the things that motivate them and give them pleasure, as well as they know perfectly how to correspond to their partner.

Psychologist, coach and trainer of the sex education center Olga Zalenskaya, especially for SE, told why women after 40 are attractive. “There are many advantages to this age. A mature woman, as a rule, understands and knows herself better, knows how to clearly formulate her desires and communicate them to her partner. Often it is much more comfortable to build relationships with such a woman. Yes, and with herself, for the same reasons, she lives more harmoniously and comfortably, ”the specialist emphasized.

women after 40 attracts more men

According to experts, life experience gives a woman a broader view of things, makes her wiser and more conscious, richer inwardly. “For these reasons, many mature women admit that they would never exchange their wisdom and self-acceptance, which came over the years, for a time when they were younger, but psychologically less mature and experienced,” the sexologist noted.

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Reasons why 40 over women are more attractive than 20 and 30

  • Generally women gain curves after 40 and mostly people love curvy figure. Most men consider curvaceous beauties to be kinder and more sympathetic. While thin girls are considered to be angry and dissatisfied with life. In addition, overweight women are able to radiate warmth and energy.
  • With age, one begins to distinguish the trivialities from what is essential. This is why more mature women want to explore new horizons and live stimulating experiences.
  • The woman likes the vitality that the young man brings to their lives, while they like the maturity and confidence of the older woman, although it is a fact that the generation gap can facilitate infidelity .
  • Women are increasingly open to sex and this attracts men , this need to venture in to experiences and not emotions can mean an attraction. Even for those who are only looking for sex, an older partner is perfect for their desires, since it does not represent an emotional attachment for which they are not ready. In fact, according to a study carried out by the Center for the Study of Aging at Duke University (United States) 72% of women who had passed that age line acknowledged having improved their orgasms during the sexual act.
  • Unlike 20-somethings, older women don’t tend to have the irrational emotional outbursts that younger women do. And that attracts men, because it puts less emotional pressure on them, since older women are responsible for their own feelings.
  • Those over the age of forty are possibly with older children. They have already lived through the critical stages of motherhood and enjoy their free time more.
  • An older woman is not going to focus her life on a man either, she has her priorities clear
    And that is what attracts them the most.
  • Lipstick is fabulous on these women — and I wouldn’t say the same for younger ones… If you can ignore a few wrinkles, you’ll see that 40-year-old women are much more sensual and attractive than babes.
  • Women in their forties are sincere, and they don’t speak up. If you’re an idiot or playing dumb, they’ll let you know. You never have to guess what they think of you, because they will tell you.
  • Once the 40 years are reached, we have accumulated enough knowledge on many subjects, including love. They know the secrets of relationships and know how to make it last.
  • It is also this assertive self-confidence that gives them the means and the will to take the reins in certain situations . And men love it!
  • Most really aren’t fans of make-up. Beauty and youth are essential for young girls. This is not the case for forty-somethings.
  • Mature women always friendly and open to new acquaintances. They never show excessive pride. With a magnificent beauty, a man feels light and comfortable. Also they always try to support their interlocutor. Therefore, men love to invite such women on dates.

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