Terrorists Behind the Attack at the Corcus City Hall Russia

Crocus city hall terrorist attack

International Desk, Delhi Magazine: In the wake of the devastating terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall, the Basmanny Court of Moscow has authorized the arrest of four suspects. Four main culprits in this Crocus City Hall terrorist attack have been identified: Dalerjon Mirzoev, Rachabalizoda Saidakrami, Fariduni, and Muhammad Sobir Faizov. All of whom are from Tajikistan and adhere to the Muslim faith. As the trial unfolds, glimpses into the personal lives of the accused shed light on their backgrounds and motivations.

Dalerjon Mirzoev, aged 32 and hailing from Tajikistan, was the first to be apprehended. Details emerged in court revealing Mirzoev’s familial responsibilities, including four young children, one-and-a-half-year-old twins among them. Despite temporary registration in Russia, which he obtained in Novosibirsk, his legal status had lapsed. Shocked relatives attested to his seemingly ordinary demeanor, expressing bewilderment at his alleged involvement in such a heinous act. Mirzoev, lacking formal education, ventured to Moscow and Novosibirsk for work, primarily as a taxi driver, before disappearing from familial abode weeks before the incident.

Rachabalizoda Saidakrami, born on February 4, 1994, presented another enigmatic figure in court. Married with a child, Saidakrami’s employment status remained uncertain, coupled with an incomplete education. Legal records disclosed his previous residence in Podolsk, where he faced penalties for overstaying his visa term, prompting a court-ordered departure from Russia.

Fariduni, the third defendant, born in 1998, originated from Tajikistan and held employment at a factory in Podolsk. His Instagram activity traced a journey to Turkey in February, potentially violating Russian regulations. Surveillance indicated his presence at Crocus City Hall before the attack, with evidence suggesting premeditated reconnaissance efforts.

Lastly, Muhammad Sobir Faizov, born in Tajikistan in 2004, lacked significant ties or employment stability. Despite securing a brief stint at an Ivanovo barbershop, Faizov relocated shortly after.

The toll of the attack continues to mount, with the latest figures from the Moscow Region Ministry of Health reporting 182 casualties. However, amidst the tragedy, 32 individuals have shown signs of recovery and been discharged from medical care, receiving both physical and psychological support from dedicated healthcare personnel.

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