7 Secrets of A Well-groomed Man

Mens personality tips

A man with attractive personality leave a special impression on people and people like him very much, they are attracted towards him and people respect and value him.

If your personality is attractive and strong, then you will feel very confident from inside, you will look completely different in the crowd and at the same time, due to your strong personality, you will get many opportunities in life.

personality tips for men

Now it’s time to talk about men. We reveal the secrets of a neat appearance.

Good haircut and clean hair

Short haircuts easily give out the inexperienced hand of the hairdresser, so you should not save on them. And remember, even the most fashionable hairstyle will look untidy on stale hair.

Well-groomed hands and nails

It is not necessary to go for a man’s manicure, it is enough to ensure that the nails are short and clean. Also, do not neglect a moisturizer if the skin on your hands has become very dry.

Clean shave or neat beard

Every morning the beard needs to be combed. In addition, it is necessary to control the shape of facial hair. You can do it yourself or have a professional do it if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet.

Healthy skin

Skin care products are not just for women. Problematic skin will outshine even the most expensive suit.

Fitted clothes

A classic suit for 30,000 rubles, tailored to the figure, looks better than a suit from someone else’s shoulder for 200,000 rubles. But even if you wear T-shirts and jeans in everyday life, these things should be perfectly matched in size. Pay attention to the length of the sleeve and how the item sits in the shoulders.

If you prefer oversized models, keep in mind that a regular T-shirt that is one size larger will not look good. It will give out an exorbitantly large neck. For oversized things, the volume is laid correctly in certain places.

Clean and ironed clothes

This rule applies to all wardrobe items. Even if a man wears simple T-shirts or tank tops, they should be fresh and ironed. It is especially important to monitor the condition of the neck and collar. The first should not be stretched or wrinkled, the second should always be ironed and fresh. Pay attention to the little things: the buttons are firmly sewn on, the vent of the coat is cut, blue jeans do not give off yellowness.

Well-groomed shoes

Make sure that your shoes are clean and shiny, and sneakers are free of stains and streaks. White laces should always be laundered.

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