A Van With Nazi Symbol Flag Crashed into the Gate of the White House

Van with nazi flag in whitehouse

US Desk, Delhi Magazine: A van collided with one of the gates of the White House property, located in the city of Washington D.C., and the anti-bomb protocols were activated. There, the Police arrested the driver of the vehicle on Monday night after it crashed into the security barriers in Lafayette Square , in one of the streets adjacent to the grounds of the United States Government Building , where President Joe resides. Biden .

“ No Secret Service or White House personnel were injured, and both the cause and manner of the accident remain under investigation ,” Anthony Guglielmi, the United States Secret Service’s chief of communications, wrote on Twitter , who also confirmed that some highways and pedestrian paths were closed to the public.

As a result of the incident, the Secret Service that guards the land decided to evacuate a nearby hotel called Hay Adams, according to The Washington Post . The same outlet added that a witness in the case said that the driver of the vehicle hit the barriers a second time.

Once the driver was captured, security agents used a remote-controlled robot to open and investigate the cargo part of the box delivery van, with the intention of ruling out the existence of an explosive device.

WUSA television showed live video of a box-type U-Haul truck stopped next to a row of steel bollards, with uniformed law enforcement officers and a dog approaching the vehicle. In that same clip you can see a flag with Nazi symbols on the street , which is later picked up by one of the policemen who secured the area and gathered the evidence.

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The Secret Service spokesman himself confirmed minutes later that it was determined that the driver hit the bars with “intentional” and that charges will be filed later against him. He did not disclose his name or his age.

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