New Increased Charges of Tatkal Ticket Booking of IRCTC

Recently, Indian Railways has increased the charge of booking their tickets online. Now, users who book Tatkal tickets will also have to pay more money to book tickets from the IRCTC website or app. However, these rates have been determined on the basis of train and class. If you are thinking of booking Tatkal tickets from the IRCTC website or app, then you should know about this new rule and charge.

Extra Tatkal Booking Charges 

  1. Passengers who book Tatkal tickets are charged extra from Rs 10 to Rs 15 from the original ticket price for the second class.
  2. An additional charge of Rs 100 to Rs 200 is charged for the sleeper class, while from Rs 125 to Rs 225 extra charges are charged for the AC chair car.
  3. For AC-3, passengers have to pay an extra charge from Rs 300 to Rs 400, while for AC-1, AC-2, Executive (Executive) class, an additional charge of Rs 400 to Rs 500.
  4. The Tatkal ticket charges are 10 percent more than the original ticket for the second class, while for the AC class it is 30 percent more. No more than Rs 500 Tatkal tickets are charged from the original ticket.
Tatkal ticket cancellation charges
According to the new rules of Railways, for cancellation of Tatkal tickets are charged according to different conditions.
If the ticket is in RAC or waiting, no charge will be levied on cancellation.
At the same time, full refund is done if the train is canceled, or more than 3 hours late (from where the train runs).
Lower classes are provided to passengers when the coach is not attached or if the route is diverted.
 You do not get any refund for canceling a confirmed ticket.
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