Daniela Castro Returns to Soap Operas after Proving that She didn’t Commit Theft

Entertainment Desk, Delhi Magazine: Daniela Castro confirmed that she will return to television after four years of absence and after being charged in the United States for an alleged robbery in a department store.

It was in September 2018 when the actress was charged and arrested for the alleged theft of nearly $800 worth of clothing from a store in San Antonio, Texas. In December of that year, the charges were dropped for lack of evidence and she sued the chain for the alleged physical and moral damages that she caused her.

Who is Daniela Castro

Daniela Castro is a famous Mexican actress with a long career in the artistic environment of her country and who has ventured into all areas: television, cinema, theater, and even music was encouraged at the end of the nineties, however, It has been in soap operas where she earned his recognition.

was born on August 17 , 1969 in Mexico City . She is the daughter of singer, musician and composer Javier Castro . She was inclined towards music from a very young age, so she decided to train at the Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA); but her destiny led her to act in the theater, it was there, during her occasional appearances on stage, that she was offered some roles in soap operas.

At the age of two, she began to retrace the path of novels with Nuevo Amanecer.

And in 1991 she achieved his first leading role in the novel Cadenas de amargura, until then she had had co-leading roles.

Towards the end of the 1990s, she put an impasse in his successful career in soap operas to dedicate herself to music with his father.

But it wouldn’t be for long…

Cañaveral de pasiones and Desencuentro, return her to the ring.

Between 2001 and 2007 she moved away from the media to dedicate herself to his family.

But that departure was also temporary because she will return to continue participating in various productions to this day.

She is married to the businessman Gustavo Díaz Ordaz , grandson of the former president of the nation Gustavo Ordaz.

The couple have had three children.

Daniela Castro with her children

“They know that I never like to speak before it is a reality or is embodied in a contract, I am going to choose one of the three projects that I have as a proposal,” she commented.

Castro advanced what she is looking for in a project. “It has to be a very important project, because I haven’t been in a soap opera for four years. I have to come back with something very messy,” she pointed out.

Daniela did not want to share more details about the projects that she has on the door, nor did she mention the exact date on which any of them will start.

What happened to Daniela Castro after being accused of robbery?

After her arrest in the United States, Daniela Castro dedicated herself to proving her innocence and spending time with her husband Gustavo Díaz Ordaz , her daughters Daniela and Alexa , and her son Gustavo Jr.

She added “I believe that the greatest stability is my family, my daughters, my son, my husband, and it is what gives me the support and all the encouragement to go ahead and do a project,”.

At the beginning of November 2022, the actress returned to the same store where she was accused of robbery and made some purchases with her two daughters to put an end to that episode in her life.

“In life, truth and justice always come to light,” she wrote then on Instagram.

At that time, the actress also confirmed on the Hoy program that she had reached an “agreement” with the store chain and they did not go to trial after her lawsuit. She did not detail what the deal consisted of.

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