Maldives Bans Israeli Citizens; Israel Encourages Citizens to Visit India Instead

Israel Encourges citizen to visit india

Delhi Magazine: International Desk: The Maldives has enacted a ban on Israeli citizens entering the country, prompting a swift response from Israel. In reaction to this decision by President Mohamed Muizzu’s administration, Israel has advised its citizens to avoid visiting the Maldives and instead consider India as an alternative destination.

The Israeli Embassy in India took to social media, specifically ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), to appeal to Israeli tourists. The embassy released a list of attractive beach destinations in India, highlighting the warm welcome Israeli tourists can expect there. This list includes popular spots such as Goa, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, and Kerala. Accompanied by picturesque images of these destinations, the embassy’s post emphasized the hospitality and beauty of Indian beaches.

“Since the Maldives is no longer welcoming Israelis, here are some beautiful and amazing Indian beaches where Israeli tourists are warmly welcomed and treated with great hospitality,” the embassy stated. The post further encouraged Israeli tourists to explore these destinations based on visits by Israeli diplomats.

The Maldives’ decision follows a recommendation from President Muizzu’s Cabinet, formalized through a statement from the President’s Office. This move marks a significant shift in the Maldives’ tourism policy, impacting the flow of Israeli tourists to the island nation.

In light of this ban, the Israeli Embassy in India is actively promoting Indian beach destinations, leveraging the strong diplomatic ties between Israel and India. This strategic pivot aims to redirect Israeli tourists to India, ensuring their travel plans remain unhampered despite the new restrictions in the Maldives.

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