Anastasia Makeeva was Hospitalized with a Nervous Breakdown

Russian actres Anastasia Makeeva

Lifestyle News, Delhi Magazine: Famous Russian actress Anastasia Makeeva was hospitalized. Her husband, businessman Roman Malkov wrote about this on social networks. He also published a video showing the arrival of the ambulance at the house of the spouses.

Russian actress- Anastasia Makeeva

According to Malkov, hospitalization is associated with constant stress due to publications in the press of details of the scandal between Anastasia and Roman’s ex-wife Svetlana Malkova. Previously, the actress had already complained of a nervous breakdown, she closed her social media accounts and announced a hiatus from her acting career. Makeeva also told her subscribers that she was going to relax with her husband at Baikal and Kamchatka.

Russian actres Anastasia Makeeva and roman

39-year-old Anastasia Makeeva married 37-year-old Roman Malkov in May 2021. The businessman and actress met in the summer of 2020 and hid their relationship for a long time, since the man was married. Roman filed an official divorce from his first wife Svetlana in mid-April 2021. He has four children from his first marriage.

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