A Mosque is Properly Maintained by Hindu Families in Bihar, India

There is a village in Nalanda district of Bihar, which is an example of humanity. The people of Mari village of Nalanda have set a unique example of religious harmony. There is a mosque in this village properly maintained by Hindus of this village.
This mosque was built in the year 1920.

The villagers told that till the time of partition, more than 50 Muslim families lived here. Most of them went to Pakistan after partition. Some moved to nearby cities for work. Therefore, there is no one left to look after Mosque.

In this situation, the Hindu families of the village come ahead and took responsibility for the mosque. They are not only take the responsibility of care and safety even they also play Ajan in this mosque with the help of a pen drive.

Accroding to ANI, “Nalanda: Hindu residents of Mari village take care of a mosque & play azaan with the help of pen-drive; say, “It’s a very old mosque. There are no Muslim residents here now. So Hindus take care of the mosque. After a wedding, newly-weds come here first to take blessings”. #Bihar”

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