Designer Sarah Kern secretly married her fiancé Matthew Cardona

sarah kern

 in Malta in October. Now she is sharing a first photo of the ceremony on Instagram.

The two have known each other for over two years, but Sara Kern and the Maltese entrepreneur Matthew Cardona only got together seven months ago. And then everything happened very quickly.

sarah kern weddingNow Kern is sharing a first photo from her big day. You can see the bride in a floor-length white dress with an XXL sash. Next to her is her newlywed husband Matthew in a suit and sunglasses . The two were shot from behind, but you can catch a bit of the face.

On the post, which she shares with her 40,000 followers, she writes in hashtags “My favorite photo from our dream wedding. I love you, Matt. Forever.” Your fans are enthusiastic about the look. “What a magical dress. Very wonderful,” says one user. “Everything done right, great couple,” commented another.

“Third and Last Marriage”

The designer has already been married twice. The ex-wife of the late designer Otto Kern made a promise to “Gala” : “This is now my third and last marriage. If it doesn’t work out again, which I don’t expect, I’ll never touch a man again.” Sarah Kern was married to Otto Kern from 1995 to 1999. In 2008 he married Goran Munižaba, who divorced in 2010.

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