December 22: St. Anne’s Day – What To Do and Not To Do Today

Saint Joachim and Saint Anne with the Child Mary

Relegious Desk, Delhi Magazine: Today the Orthodox Church celebrates St. Anne’s Day, which is also popularly called “Anna Winter” or “Anna Cold”.

Every year on December 22, the Church honors the memory of St. Anne, who is the mother of the Virgin Mary. It was on this day, according to legend, that the Mother of God was conceived. Read about the traditions and history of December 22- .

st. anne day

St. Anne’s Day (22 December): the history of the holiday

Anna and Joachim are called Godfathers, because they were the ancestors of Jesus Christ in the flesh. That is, they had a human appearance and lived according to the rules of worthy Christians. Until their very old age, the couple lived without children, praying every day that God would send them a child.

Then Joachim and Anna promised the Lord that they would give their child to the service of God if he heard them. And their prayers were answered. When the couple went to Jerusalem, they started Mary there. Almost immediately, Joachim and Anna gave their daughter to the temple.

Traditions of the December 22: St. Anne’s Day

In ancient times, girls always got together on December 22, prepared for the New Year, told each other interesting stories. For example, on this day, delicious and festive dishes were prepared, which would then decorate the New Year’s table, and they also made decorations for the house.

Interestingly, December 22 was also considered the day of beekeepers. Therefore, among our ancestors there was a tradition to go to the hives, inspect them and pray that the bees easily survive the winter and give a lot of honey next year.

What not to do on December 22:

Blessed Anna is considered the patroness of women, pregnant girls and mothers. That is why the bans on December 22 concern mainly those who are expecting a baby. On this holiday, pregnant women are prohibited from:

  • do household chores;
  • kindle a fire;
  • knit, sew and embroider;
  • cut hair and nails;
  • communicate with sick or disabled people.

All other women should not work hard, swear and quarrel. The one that violates the prohibitions of the church runs the risk of incurring trouble for many months to come.

St. Anne’s Day – what can you do

Since ancient times, girls have gathered together on this day, told stories and prepared for the New Year. On December 22, it was possible to cook delicious dishes and do pleasant women’s things – come up with a New Year’s menu, make decorations for the Christmas tree.

Also, December 22 is considered the day of beekeepers – honey producers check the hives and read special conspiracies so that the bees are healthy and give a lot of useful product.


Folk signs and beliefs:

  • – clear weather – to frost on New Year’s Eve
  • – the weather in winter will be the same as today in the morning
  • – frost on the trees – to a generous harvest
  • – calm – to the harvest of fruits and berries

Angel Day is celebrated:

Alexander, Anna, Vasily, Vladimir, Efrosinya, Samoilo (Samuel), Sofron (Sophrony) and Stepan (Stefan).

Prayer to St. Anna

Women who do not have children on this day turn to St. Anna with a prayer and ask her for help:

Oh, glorious Saint Anna! You are full of compassion for those who call You and full of love for those who suffer… Suppressed by the weight of my troubles, I will fall at Your feet and humbly implore: take under Your special guardianship my intention, which I now submit to You (Ask). Please present it to Your Dona, Blessed Virgin Mary, and place it before the Throne of Jesus, so that He will bring this intention to a happy conclusion. But first, grant me the grace to someday see His eternity with You and Mary, and with all the Saints.

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