Hayley, Daughter of David Hasselhoff is the First Curvy Model on the “Playboy”

Hayley Hasselhoff shoot for play boy

Fashion Desk, Delhi -Magazine, Hayley Hasselhoff was the first Curvy model to be photographed for the cover of German “Playboy”. David Hasselhoff’s daughter would like to send a message to the world.

Hayley Hasselhoff adorns the May issue of the German ” Playboy ” and is the first so-called curvy model to pose for the title of the men’s magazine. She was photographed by star photographer Ellen von Unwerth , who was born in Frankfurt am Main.

“I want to show that we women have the power to love our bodies without taking any ideals of beauty into account,” said Hasselhoff, for whom it was the first nude shoot, in the accompanying interview in “Playboy”. “The cover is for all the women out there who are curvier and have questioned their bodies or their lust. You are worth it, you are asked, you are loved!”

play boy curvy model on cover page

The 28-year-old explains how she felt during the shoot: “Enlightened, empowered, sexy, crazy and free.” She was photographed in a former brothel in Paris, a suggestion by Ellen von Unwerth. “Very romantic and playful. It has the flair of old Hollywood with its icons like Marilyn Monroe , Madonna , Dolly Parton . That was Ellen’s and my idea of how sexy and elegant the photos should be . They are supposed to show a woman who you are.” has a strong will and gets what it wants – but in a playful way. ”

Hayley Hasselhoff shoot for play boyHayley Hasselhoff is the younger of two daughters that David Hasselhoff has together with US actress Pamela Bach. She received her first modeling contract at the age of 14. “At that time there were hardly any curvy models in the media,” she reported. She sees the nudes for “Playboy” as a step towards promoting the representation of curvy women. Her father was very proud of her, said Hayley Hasselhoff.

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