How to Whiten Your Underarms

how to whiten your armpit

Why do Armpits Get Dark?

Discoloration in Armpits happen  due to several reasons; this could be due to obesity, medical issues such as diabetes or even some hormonal changes. If this is the cause of your dark armpits, consult a doctor and consult him / her before trying any random remedies. Beside this, if the darkening of Armpits has occured due to waxing, shaving , perfume, overuse of chemicals, bleaching or sweating, then read through  about some fantastic home remedies we have for you! Darkening of the skin alone is not a cause for concern. However, very dark armpits do not hold due to aesthetic properties. Acanthosis nigrikans (AN) can thicken or darken the skin in other areas – for example on the neck or groin. This disease affects people according to age, skin color and weight.Dark spots can appear on the skin when pigment cells divide faster than usual. The reason for this may be that the hair is removed regularly. But when we talk about acanthosis nigrikans, then these are the factors that provoke it:

Home Remedies for Dark Armpits

Baking soda

Baking soda is a scrub agent that helps to heal the accumulated dead skin cells on the armpit area. It helps to unlock the pores and also removes any bad skin odor. But baking soda is a bit harsh on sensitive skin and so be sure to use it only 2-3 times a week.


Lemon is full of citric acid that can be applied directly to the affected area or mixed with any other juice such as potato and cucumber for added benefit. Also, mix honey with Lemon for better results.


Potato has light acid properties that help cure any problem related to darkening. This helps to remove the tanning and makes the area white and beautiful.


Cucumber not only soothes and cools irritated skin, but the natural bleaching properties present in Cucumber help to lighten dark armpits. Take a cucumber and peel it. Grate it and apply the juice on the armpits.

Gram flour or Besan

Gram flour or Besan is a natural skin exfoliator that helps skin while cleansing milk with its lactic acid properties moisturizes and nourishes besides making it white and beautiful skin. Ideal for Dark armpits!

Orange peel powder and Sandalwood powder

Orange peel powder and Sandalwood powder can be mixed with water to make a paste and apply on the dark armpits area. Both have individual characteristics to deal with the problem.

Sandalwood powder is a natural skin lightening agent that helps to lighten the skin, prevent body odor and also treat any burning sensation on the skin. Orange peel powder has pale property that helps peel the skin and also tightens it.

Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

Both Coconut Oil and Olive Oil help to darken dark armpits. You can just take the oil of your choice and then apply mix with Brown Sugar. This will exfoliate the area, making it smooth and fresh. This will prevent body odor.

Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E while Olive Oil has antioxidant properties in it for which you can mix the two and apply!


Yogurt is a very powerful skin whitening agent that can be also be used to treat dark armpits.All you have to do is apply some yogurt and then massage on the affected areas. Then wash off after it gets dry.  Yogurt has Lactic Acid which helps to remove dead cells and whitens the area.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a blessing for the skin and hair and it applies to dark armpits as well. take only 1 tablespoon of ACV and mix 1 tablespoon of water in it. Apply to area with a cotton ball and leave on. Repeat this every day for 3 weeks after seeing the difference. Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties that help clean armpits and also prevent bad odor.

Don’t get fascinated with marketing strategies that exhibit how armpits can be lightened using cosmetic products. It will be in your best interest to use natural remedies that will enhance your beauty organically. It is important to use these aptly for effective results.

Stay happy and enjoy the glow!!

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