Skincare for the Winter Season

Payal Thaker

   Beauty Desk, Delhi Magazine: Winter is almost at our doors, and while as much as we enjoy the respite from the summer heat and monsoon humidity, the season comes with some quirks for your skin.

“This winter, let your skin feel its best”.

The cold and dry air is harsh on the skin as it takes moisture away from it and can cause a list of problems that affect dry skin. In addition to a stretchy feeling, dry skin turns scaly and cracked, and the rough texture often leads to itching and redness – with your skin ending up looking visibly less radiant.

But getting dry skin in the winter is not inevitable and with just a few skincare habits using the right products, you can keep your skin healthy all year long! Here are a few minimal and easy skincare tips to make sure you shine as radiant as ever!

  1. Restore the skin barrier with a tonic

Restore your skin the way nature intended it with the YBP Barrier Repair Tonic. This tonic gently exfoliates, evens tone, improves texture, and softens the skin without messing with the natural pH balance. It reduces oil production and is ideal for combination or acne-prone skin.

Skin Barrier Repair Tonic


  1. An nourishing Cacao Butter that can be applied anytime

The 100% raw YBP Nicaraguan Cacao Butter can be used for the whole body in the morning as well as at night. Rich in omega-6 fatty acids and enzymes that help in cell regeneration, use this cacao butter on damp skin to seal the moisture within. It is suitable for all skin types and can even be used during pregnancy.

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  1. Something special to reverse the damage

Created using carefully chosen ingredients from North Africa, the YBP PR Elixir is nothing short of a magical potion that restores your skin better than ever. Apply it on cleansed skin at night to rejuvenate it to its best state. It is ideal for sensitive, dull, sun-damaged and congested skin.



  1. A skin salve for healing

A nourishing treatment for including in your night-time skincare routine is incomplete without the YBP PR Salve. It is a powerful blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients made using 100% plant and seed extract to restore your skin to optimal health. Apply a pea-sized amount on damp skin after Barrier Repair Tonic. It is ideal for dull, dry, damaged and dehydrated skin.


  1. An everyday ritual to give your face a natural lift

The Gua Sha Quartz Heart helps naturally drain the body’s lymph nodes and get rid of excess fluid. It improves blood circulation, reduces tension in facial muscles to soften the face, and is an excellent way to calm down a hyperactive daily life. Follow this ritual after using a Salve or Elixir.

GUA SHA Rose Quartz Heart


  1. A weekly Vitamin C mask for deep nourishment

A perfect addition to your routine for when your skin needs deep nourishment, the YBP Vitamin C Mask is formulated with raw herbs, roots, fruits, flowers, and rare minerals. Its antibacterial properties help reduce topical inflammation, heal dark spots and hyperpigmentation, repair dull and dry skin, and restore the skin’s collagen levels.

PLANT REMEDY Vitamin C Face Mask

About YBP Skin: YBP Skin strongly believes in changing the dynamics of beauty industry and offers high-quality products. Founder Payal & Satyen Thaker has come up to change the standards that have been created by the beauty industry and that will never damage your skin, in the short or long run. The product range is based on the science of how your skin, body, and mind function together, and the product promises to give you the most beautiful poreless skin with just one application.

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