Delhi State Haj Committee Selected 1330 Male and 1210 Female Haj Pilgrimage

Haj committee of india

Delhi Desk, Delhi Magazine: This year, out of 4110 people who have applied for Haj pilgrimage, the names of 2540 people have been announced. The names of these people were selected through an online draw. In this, the number of male Haj pilgrims is 1330 and female Haj pilgrims are 1210.
Delhi State Haj Committee Chairperson Mohtarma Kausar Jahan said that 51 women without Mahram and 210 Haj pilgrims above 70 years of age (reserved category with one companion) have been selected. And 1570 passengers are on the waiting list.

Member of Delhi State Haj Committee – Gautam Gambhir, Nazia Danish

Members of the Haj Committee, MP Gautam Gambhir, Mohtarma Nazia Danish Councillor, Janab Mohammad Saad congratulated the pilgrims. At the same time, the selected Haj pilgrims were asked to deposit Rs 81,800 in the bank as decided by the Haj Committee of India. Submit passport, receipt, photo, medical certificate.

The Delhi State Haj Committee gave money to 1330 male and 1210 female Haj pilgrims for Haj pilgrimage.

Government of India had asked for applications for this on February 10, which Indian Muslim man or woman wants to do Haj pilgrimage, they will be given money from the government.

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