Tips on How to Write an Essay

Tips on how to write an essay

Educational Desk, Delhi – Magazine: Besides various assignments, tasks, course papers, exams, and many other things, students face another difficult task – writing an essay. But what is it? If we take a literal translation from French, where this word comes from, and the genre itself, it is translated as “commentary” and an “attempt”.

How To Write an Essay

This genre allows you to reveal and develop your creative potential. Essays as assignments are becoming more and more popular every year. Therefore, it is worth considering useful tips that will make your work especially remarkable. Furthermore, there is always an opportunity for a student to order an essay from professionals at EssayShark. That will help to fulfill all the requirements regarding the quality, volume, and other demands that are set when writing an essay in the best way.


If a student is creative and can make enough time, working in this genre will be quite interesting. But even in this case, it will not be superfluous to take advantage of the tips and recommendations we provide in this article, allowing you to write and present your essay best.

Guidelines for Essay writing

When you need to write a quality essay, pay attention to certain important aspects that will allow you to do everything in a professional way, and as required by the rules. To begin with, you should show creativity and originality. But let’s take a closer look at the main aspects of this type of writing:

Essay structure

Although writing an essay is a creative work, it has a clear structure that is common to all types of essays. That is why attention has to be given to the presence of relevant topic, hypothesis, thesis, etc., in the right sequence.

New Tips on how to write an essay

Essay composition

The structure of the work involves formulating a certain thesis at the beginning and then proving it with the arguments in the form of logical statements, quotations, or presentation of relevant facts.

Essential elements of an essay are the following:

  • It should accurately reflect the content of the essay. The plan is omitted, so go straight to the text.
  • It is necessary to justify the importance of addressing the topic chosen by the student and stating the main hypothesis. A hypothesis is an assumption that will be confirmed or opposed in your essay. If you express the opinion of a particular scientist or a group of people with the opinion you disagree with, then such a hypothesis is refuted. While your own idea formed independently, as a rule, must be confirmed.
  • The main part. Writing a structure is not difficult if the essay is not too long. Each paragraph includes the thesis and argumentation. Large texts are better to be divided into parts by subheadings in bold. First, the thesis is put forward, then several arguments are written. When the thesis is confirmed, you move on to the next one. You should provide at least 2-3 arguments. A large number overloads the research, and less looks frivolous for scientific work.

Thesis, depending on the type of essay, can be justified by:

  1. Facts, conveyed without distortion or manipulation
  2. Quotes by famous scientists, politicians, writers, artists, etc.
  3. Historical events that complement the analysis of the topic, its essence, causes, consequences
  4. Extracts from laws, current or outdated
  5. Personal experience, stories from the lives of other people, or the biography of some famous people, if relevant
  6. Phenomena that everyone can observe

The arguments lead the reader smoothly to confirm or refutation the hypothesis. Therefore, it is important to build the structure of the essay in the correct logical order.

  • It’s where the last paragraph is devoted to the fact that you proved the hypothesis expressed earlier. It is permissible to put the conclusion on a separate page if it is large writing. In other cases, you can start it with a new paragraph.
  • List of references. Sometimes the essay contains references to quotations from books or data from official resources. They must be arranged as a comprehensive list of references. You have to list all the sources you’ve used in your work.
  • The essay structure does not require attachments. However, there is no strict prohibition on their presence. Materials that help better understand the argument’s essence can be included here.

Some other important points to consider During Essay Writing:

Choose a comfortable place to write

Although inspiration is an essential ingredient that can facilitate the writing process, in reality, choose a comfortable place with good lighting for a good writing process.

 Consider the subject

The writing topic allows you to structure the content by using it as a thread leading to its central core. The more specific the essay topic is, the more comfortable you feel when writing it.

How to choose an essay topic

Structure what you write

Although each essay is unique, there is a structural line that serves as a basis for organizing your work: introduction (heading to the main idea), main body, and conclusion.


To avoid repeating the same concepts, look in the dictionary for synonyms that can enrich the text with a greater variety of terms.

Watch out for punctuation marks

As important as taking care of spelling, the correct punctuation stimulates an adequate rhythm to each text part. The same sentence can change completely with the chosen punctuation.

Do not abuse adjectives

Adjectives provide greater precision in the description. However, it is advisable not to abuse this resource, as it may give the opposite effect to the desired one if you tend to fall into saturation.

Consider the words you use

Words should be simple and clear. There is no need to use complex phrases because it does not give the reader motivation to read such works. Try to keep everything concise. Use linking words that will help to move from one part to another. It should be noted that every word plays an important role, so try to write without repetition.

 Short sentences and short paragraphs

The formulation expresses even beyond the content of the words. From a visual point of view, the presentation of the text enhances the attractiveness, being a good invitation to read. To organize information, it is recommended to prioritize using short paragraphs and short sentences.

Ask yourself the following questions

What do you want to express? How would you like to say it? Intensify your inner dialogue around the topic of writing itself to go deeper into writing with the motivation of enjoying the result and the process.

Introduction and conclusion

The essay has particularly significant sections – the beginning and end. An attractive beginning invites one to continue with reading. And the ending, just like a farewell, is what is remembered the most.

How to write a conclusion in an essay

Do not forget to proofread!

We hope you will find the tips we have pointed out to you here useful. Writing an essay can be very interesting; it will allow you to unleash your creativity. Do not hesitate and contact experts like EssayShark if you need support. Thanks to the help of professionals, every student can be sure that the written essay will be of the best quality.

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