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Fashion Desk, Delhi Magazine: Promises are made to be kept, especially the one you make to your loved one emphasising how you will always be there for each other and that you only want that person to be an integral part of your life. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, your proposal day, their birthday, your engagement, or your wedding, promise couple ring are very much in trend that keeps that love for eternity.

Couple rings

Promise rings are a new age phenomenon thriving in the online market with a massive variety of designs, customisations, personalisation, and patterns. These rings are a symbol of respect and lifelong love. So, if you’re looking for a statement piece to gift to her, you have reached the right place, where you will learn about the various categories that are easily available that will make her feel very special.

Here Are Some Things You Must Consider Before You Invest in Promise Rings:

  1. These can easily be personalised to whatever you want to inscribe on the rings or mark them with your favourite words.
  2. You can opt for coloured eternity bands with beautiful options that mean romance.
  3. Unlike wedding rings and engagement solitaire, there are no rules you must follow. Promise Ring is your saviour if you’re still not ready for a commitment and it’s too early for you in the relationship! Engagement or wedding rings are usually a token of commitment, eternal relationship, long-term alliance, and love promise. But promise rings are purely significant to show your love and commitment towards the other person without getting into the marital vows.
  4. You can present it to your loved ones, maybe like a pre-proposal ring that doesn’t require a marriage bond. These rings are meant to create an intimate moment between two loved ones, solidifying the relationship.
  5. You don’t need solitaires or expensive rings to reveal your emotions, but a plain band of love can signify your love for the other.
  6. Band of promise rings can also be worn as toe rings or worn on any finger or hand. It’s just a symbol of love, so the purpose isn’t specified.

Types of Material You Can Buy Your Promise Rings In:

  1. Pearl rings – Available in both white and peach colours are available online with several designs ranging from heart shapes to bows and letters, doves and solitaires, and eternal and infinite designs.
  2. Gold promise ring – Gold is expensive. So, if you can afford it, then you must make a promise to this beautiful, elegant, and much-in-love metal. Women love gold, and it is valuable to them. Many love golds more than diamonds. You can choose your gold couple rings in affordable wires or attractive designs.
  3. Sapphire Couple Promise Rings – The platinum promise ring for couples with a gem or a small sapphire diamond in the centre is perfect for loved ones. The ring is also considered auspicious for eternal love, indicating the depth of love shared.
  4. Diamond Promise Ring: A solitaire can say it all, especially if you intend to tie the knot with your loved one. Choose a beautiful diamond band or string or a tiny solitaire to prove your love. You can have these rings in various floral designs or rings decorated with colourful hearts. Diamonds come in various shapes with fancy cuts such as rounds, pairs, radians, and heart diamonds.
  5. Rose Gold Couple Promise Ring: These are in trend, especially those with an imbibed heart or the infinity symbol. All women love this metal, and it is the perfect ring to promise love. This metal is also great for bracelets, single wrist bangles, or toe ring.

Different Types of Promise Ring Designs

The couple ring can come in various styles, patterns, colours, materials, and designs. Let us check out the trending designs that you can easily find in the online market for promise rings:

The Heart Designs

This is the sign of infinity that signifies love, togetherness, acceptance, respect, sensuality, and an endless relationship. This is a great theme for embedded diamonds, embellished gems, or colourful stones.

The Heart to Heart (Two Hearts) Design

This is a great couple ring for the much-in-love pair or a newlywed, as it depicts a heart-to-heart connection completed by integration. This can be made in any metal or stone. Diamonds are the most common because they have a high affinity with engagement rings.

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Personalised Couple Rings

Do you want to give your loved one an unforgettable day! This is a promised couple ring design that highlights the anniversary date or the couple’s name. To show a stronger heart-to-heart connection, you can go in for options like:

  • ‘Love never ends’ rings
  • ‘I will always be with you’ promise rings
  • ‘Today tomorrow always’ promise rings
  • Vintage or classically styled couple rings
  • Lock and key couple rings


So, if you are looking for the best way to express your love, propose for marriage, or try to shower your precious love on your girl, go for a beautiful promise ring and make the moment precious. There are many options available online with adorable patterns and exquisite designs. So, choose the best one and make the day memorable with these beautiful couple of rings.

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