Aroosa Parvaiz Scolded and Reprimanded Hijab Gang and Islamic Fundamentalists in Hijab Case

difference between karnataka hijab girl with aroosa who topped 12 th class in j&K

India Desk, Delhi Magazine: Aroosa Parvaiz, a class 12 topper from Srinagar, was also threatened with death and beheading by Muslim fundamentalists and Hijab Gang for not wearing the hijab. But she gave a befitting reply to Islamic fundamentalists and Hijab Gang saying that I do not need to wear hijab to prove myself a good Muslim.

Aroosa parvaiz

Congratulatory messages started pouring in on social media after coming top in class 12th but the happiness of her family did not last long. Aroosa Parvaiz said, ‘Bitter trolls started appearing on social media. I could not understand why one society (Islamic fundamentalists) trolled me and everyone else felt proud of me.’

The effect of Hijab Row, which started from a school in Karnataka, is also visible in other states of the country. A debate has broken out in Jammu and Kashmir as well. Aroosa Parvaiz, a class 12 topper from Srinagar, was trolled by ismalmic troller and hijab gang army for not wearing a hijab.

difference between karnataka hijab girl with aroosa who topped 12 th class in j&K

But she has stopped speaking of islamic internet force with her answer. In her statement, she said that I follow Islamic principles and do not need to wear hijab to prove myself to be a good Muslim.

Arusa lives in Srinagar. Arusa had topped 12th in Science stream

Aaroosa Parvez, a resident of Down-Town, Srinagar, has recently topped the 12th board examination by scoring 499 out of 500 marks, as soon as the result was declared, she was heavily highlighted in the media headlines, congratulations on social media Messages started coming. She was honored by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir .

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha dedicated this month’s episode of ‘Awam Ki Awaaz’ program to the young achievers of Jammu and Kashmir. During this, the Lieutenant Governor congratulated Class XII topper Arusa Parvez from Kashmir region. “This is a remarkable achievement of Arusa Parvez which will inspire the youth in the years to come,” he said.

MD & CEO, J&K Bank, Baldev Prakash felicitated AroosaParvaiz who secured first position in the recently declared class twelve results.

aroosa felicitated by MD & CEO, J&K Bank, Baldev Prakash

This thing was not digested by the fundamentalists there. When Islamic fundamentalists saw her picture without hijab on social media, they also started propaganda against her on internet media.

Making the issue of her costume and not having a scarf on her head, they tried to give it a religious color, says that they even threatened to kill Aarusa Parvez for this.

Arusha Parvaiz befitting reply to hijab gang:

Aroosa said that she believed in Allah. She follows Islam but wearing a hijab is not necessary to be a good Muslim. Arosa Parvez kept all the trollers silent by answering that she is a Muslim at heart and not a hijab. On threats and objectionable messages being sent by fundamentalist and mischievous elements on internet media, Arusa said, “Those who believe in Islam, it should not matter what I am wearing or not.” I am not bothered by these threats and I am not scared of it, yes my parents are definitely scared. Aarusa said, there are many golden rays illuminating the darkness. People are with me, I am glad that people here are supporting me and celebrating my achievement.

Death threats by islamic row

A picture went viral, in which Arusa is sitting without a hijab, after which she was trolled by hijab gang on social media platforms for not wearing a hijab. Even many trolls had threatened to kill her.

comments on aroosa pic by hijab gang

Central ministery Action against trolling and death threats

Seeing this matter increasing, the Union Minister has now taken cognizance and said to take action against the trollers. He has warned the trollers to take action against the trollers under the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). Union Minister of State for Information and Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar has warned the trollers. He told the trollers, “Every Indian – be it a senior citizen, an elderly, or a child, everyone has a right to be safe in the world of cyber. No one should think that they are molesting, harassing or terrorizing anyone. It is illegal. In fact it is criminal and appropriate action will be taken.”

We Wish Aroosa Parvaiz a bright future and happy life.!!

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