PM Modi Withdrew All Three New Agricultural Laws

narender modi withdrew 3 agricultural acts

India Desk, Delhi Magazine: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation Today morning. In this address, Modi made a big announcement to withdraw all the three new agricultural laws. In his 18-minute address, he said that the government had brought all the three agricultural laws with a good intention, but we could not explain this to the farmers. His address, which started at 9 in the morning, was the 11th message to the country during the era of Corona. The Prime Minister’s address can be seen here.

Started off with best wishes for the Prakash Parv

Modi said, ‘My dear countrymen, today is the holy festival of Dev Deepawali. Today is also the holy festival of light of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. I congratulate all the people in the world and all the countrymen. It is also very pleasant that after a year and a half, the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor has reopened. Guru Nanak Dev Ji has said that life is successful only by adopting the path of service in the world. Our government is engaged in making the life of the countrymen easier with this service spirit. India is trying to realize the dreams that many generations wanted to see come true.

Farmers welfare top priority

The Prime Minister said- I have seen very closely the problems and challenges of the farmers. When the country gave me an opportunity to serve the country as the Prime Minister in 2014, we gave top priority to farmers’ welfare. Many people are unaware that 80 out of 100 farmers of the country are small farmers. They have less than 2 hectares of land. Their number is more than 10 crores. The basis of his life is this small piece of land.

Narender modi ji with child

Modi said that these farmers support their families from this land, so to overcome the problems of small farmers of the country, all-round work was done on market, insurance, seeds and savings. We provided facilities like neem coated urea and soil health card to the farmers with good quality seeds. These efforts increased production. We have connected more and more farmers with the crop insurance scheme. In the last four years, farmers brothers and sisters have received compensation of more than one lakh crores.

We also brought insurance and pension facilities for small farmers. Keeping in mind their facilities, we directly transferred one lakh sixty two thousand crore rupees to their accounts. To ensure that they get the right price for their produce, many steps were also taken. Improved infrastructure, increased MSP. This yields that many previous records have been broken. By connecting the mandis of the country with the reward scheme, farmers were given a platform to sell their produce anywhere. Crores of rupees were spent on agricultural markets. The agriculture budget of the country has increased 5 times as compared to earlier.

Announced to withdraw all three agricultural laws

Modi said that there is also a plan to form ten thousand FPO Kisan Udpadak Sangathan to increase the power of the farmers, on which a fund of seven thousand crore rupees is being spent. We increased the crop loan. That is, our government is continuously taking one step after the other in the interest of the farmers. Working sincerely. In this campaign of fellow farmers, three agricultural laws were brought in the country. The farmers of the country, especially the small farmers, should be benefited. This demand had been going on in the country for a long time. Earlier also many governments had brainstormed on this. This time also, there was a discussion in the Parliament, there was a churn and these laws were brought. Many farmer organizations in the country supported it. I am very grateful to all of them today. Thank you

Modi said – We brought the law with good intention, but could not explain it

Our government had brought this law for the farmers, especially in the interest of small farmers, with complete devotion towards the farmers, but we could not explain it to some farmers despite our efforts. We kept on explaining to the farmers with utmost humility. The conversation continued. We left no stone unturned to understand the farmers’ point of view. The government agreed to change the provisions of the law on which they had objections. Friends, today is the holy festival of Guru Nanak Devji, this is not the time to blame anyone. I have come today to inform the entire country that we have decided to take the decision to withdraw all three agricultural laws. This month we will complete the process of taking it back.

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