Israel Accuses Hamas of Holding Hostages in Gaza Children’s Hospital

hostages captured by terrorist group hamas

Middle East Desk, Delhi Magazine: According to the IDF, Hamas held hostages in a children’s hospital in the Gaza Strip. “We have information that confirms this,” announced Monday, November 13, Daniel Hagari, the spokesperson for the Israeli army, who also mentions material evidence in a video.

Physical evidence and information

“This is currently the subject of an investigation, but we have information which confirms it ,” explained Monday, November 13 Daniel Hagari.

“In addition, we found evidence that Hamas terrorists returned from the October 7 massacre in this hospital ,” the IDF spokesperson said, in comments reported by AFP .

Among this “evidence” is a motorcycle “with bullet holes” which “was used by Hamas terrorists during the October 7 massacre , ” the army said Monday in a statement. The IDF also found weapons including “grenades, AK47 assault rifles, explosive devices, rocket launchers and other weapons .”

Underground infrastructure

The Israeli army even says it has uncovered “Hamas infrastructure in the basement” of this children’s hospital in Gaza City.

Agence France Presse recalls that the al-Rantissi hospital district has in recent days been the scene of intense fighting between the Israeli army, which has tightened its grip on the north of the Gaza Strip, and Hamas.

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