Putin Scheduled for Meetings with Leaders of Three Nations

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International Desk, Delhi Magazine: Over the past three years, Vladimir Putin has significantly scaled back his involvement in foreign affairs, initially due to travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by complications related to the SVO (Specified Persons) list. Additionally, in 2023, an ICC (International Criminal Court) warrant mandated member states, including several friendly to Russia, to arrest the president.

However, it appears that Putin is now determined to reverse this trend. During a meeting with ambassadors on December 4, he declared that Moscow’s engagement in global affairs would “only increase,” irrespective of external desires. Subsequently, the Kremlin swiftly announced two foreign trips by the president and one incoming foreign visit, all scheduled to conclude within a remarkably brief one-and-a-half days.

On December 6, Vladimir Putin is set to visit the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, followed by hosting Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi in the Kremlin on December 7.

Presidential Assistant for International Affairs, Yuri Ushakov, expressed his enthusiasm to reporters, describing the move as a “concentrated shot” of great importance. He emphasized the relevance of these interactions for both enhancing bilateral relations and addressing the escalating Palestinian-Israeli conflict, given the strategic location of these countries in the region.

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Ushakov highlighted Russia’s consistent stance, prioritizing the attainment of a long-term truce, complete exchange of prisoners and detainees, and subsequently initiating a political settlement in a more stable environment. Putin intends to update his Middle Eastern counterparts on the evolving situation in Ukraine, acknowledging its diminished status as the “hottest” conflict.

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