Decorate Your Home/Garden with Creative Ideas on Stones/Pebbles

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Lifestyle Desk, Delhi -Magazine: Stone Art, Pebble Art, Rock Art, drawing , painting are usually from the ancient era. Now a days its very common and people are using it like their hobby or passion also to decorate their home or garden.

First of all one has to learn the basics of how to paint various designs on rocks, stones, pebbles to
make art. Its all full of fun to paint depending upon the idea you have in mind. More creative ideas
in mind will provide more beautiful results on stones so you can create decorative rocks or pebbles to brighten up your home and garden.

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It should be clear first thats these painted rocks and pebbles should not be places in the parks and
forest and should only be used to decorate home and garden. Its against the law also to paint the
rocks in open especially in nature areas and in forests . According to CBC news Canada, painted rocks should not be places in the parks and forests where wildlife can access them.

To start initiating the painting process one has to find the rock and pebbles first and wash them with dish soap and let them dry. Remember if you have a garaden and you want to decorate it then you dont have to spend a lot money to decorate it, stones or pebbles can give a beautiful look to your garden as those may be a good idea for you.


Stones and pebbles are everywhere and you can spend no efforts to find them and those are natural too so you dont have to spend money in finding them. It requires only a little or probably no maintenance.

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Its better to find the rocks with smooth or flat surface. Once the stone is dry , you use paints of
your choice to draw your art on it and then let it dry for some time for bettter results. All you have
to do is to collect the stones and pebbles and make them beauty your garden with the creative ideas in your mind.

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