Bengaluru Sandalwood Drug Case : Who is Sanjana Galrani?

Sanjana Galrani

Beauty Desk, Delhi Magazine: After coming back from jail in Bengaluru Drug Case, Sanjana Galrani has also become active on social media.  She also wrote a post about The Kerala Story movie on her Instagram.

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She has to spend 93 day in Bengaluru Jail in Sandalwood Drug Scandal

Sanjana got bail on December 12 last year due to medical reasons. Prior to this, she remained in jail for about 93 days. Sanjana Galrani is accused of supplying drugs to Sandalwood parties. Sanjana has been granted conditional bail by the Karnataka High Court. She was arrested on 8 September. Justice Srinivas Harish Kumar granted this bail on two personal bonds of Rs 3 lakh. At the same time, Sanjana will have to appear twice every month and cooperate in the investigation. Actually, the name of the actress has also in discussions after partying with a drug supplier named Rahul.

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Earlier, the Karnataka High Court had dismissed the bail pleas of Sandalwood actress Sanjana Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi two times.

Who is Sanjana Galrani?

Sanjana was born on 10 October 1989 in Bengaluru. Sanjana’s sister and actress Nikki Galrani has also become a well-known name in the South Indian film industry.

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She started her career in modeling. After this Sanjana Galrani also appeared in many TV commercials. She made over 50 commercials before appearing in films.

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Sanjana Galrani Sanjana started her acting career in the South Indian industry with the Telugu film ‘Saugadu’ released in 2005. However, in this film she did not gain any recognition among the audience. She got recognition from the 2006 film Kannada film ‘Ganda Hendathi’.  After this Sanjana acted in several Kannada films. The actress has also worked in Telugu and Malayalam films. Apart from these, Sanjana also appeared in Bigg Boss Kannada in 2013. Recently, the actress appeared in Colors’ reality show ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’. In this show, she arrived to become the bride of Paras Chhabra. However, she could not become the winner of the show and neither did she become a swayamvar with Paras.

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Sanjana Galrani has also achieved many accolades due to her acting. Apart from the big screen, she also remains a part of the small screen.

Sanjana Galrani Marriage and Conversion to Islam:

On July 1, the day of ‘National Doctor’s Day’, Sanjana Galrani shared a post on Instagram calling herself ‘doctor’s wife’. After being named in the drugs racket, Sanjana had told that she had engaged with Aziz, but did not tell about marriage then. After marrying Dr. Aziz Pasha, she left Hindu religion and converted to Islam.



A few days ago, Kannada actress Sanjana Galrani lodged an FIR at the Indira Nagar police station against her neighbors, in which she said that there was a quarrel with local residents over parking. The police have registered an FIR on Thursday.

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Fan lashed out at her for posting controversy over “The Kerala Story Movie”

On May 21, she criticized The Kerala Story movie and shared a post about not supporting it. She wrote in her post, “The Kerala story has no truth in it , but only exaggerated cinematic entertaining elements … that is required for a film to become a hit ..

and this form of a strategic free publicity, which normally costs crores and crores of rupees to achieve has made the film a super duper hit and a definitely curious go to watch now kind of a film”.

On seeing this post, At least being a woman she should have supported this movie.the fan started taunting him. Her fan wrote that at least being a woman she should have supported this movie. She is fed up with the success and earnings of The Kerala Story. In this movie, it is showing that Hindu girls are converted in Islam after marriage. Fan indicate that she is also a true and live example of “The Kerala story”.

One of her fan wrote, “I don’t understand why some people convert their religion and say it is not true, should know where are we from.”

Another fan also wrote on this,”Disclaimer : You are also one of the victim”

Explorer2424 wrote, “Being a Woman and not supporting this movie….this a big shame on Womanhood….Facts or no Facts women are treated badly and any such eye open should be supported…”

After so many comments, Sanjana Galrani has to closed the comment option below her post.




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