Neeti Taylor and Pratik Sahajpal will be Seen in a New Music Video

Niti Taylor

Entertainment Desk, Delhi – Magazine: Pratik Sahajpal has bagged a music video project in which he will be seen opposite Neeti Taylor from Ishqbaaaz and Kaisi Hai Yeh Yaariyan. Pratik Sahajpal has shared a video on his Instagram story. This is a BTS video shared by Pratik Sahajpal. Neeti Taylor has also shared some pictures on her Instagram account in which she is seen with Pratik Sahajpal. Neeti Taylor and Prateek Sahajpal will be seen in a new music video. In the pictures shared, it can be seen that Neeti Taylor is wearing a yellow suit, while Pratik Mehroon is seen in a kurta.

Niti Taylor and pratik sehajpal

Along with sharing this picture, Neeti Taylor wrote ‘Teen ki yaari sab pe heavy’. Suyyash Rai can also be seen in this picture along with Neeti Taylor and Pratik Sahajpal.


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The journey of Prateek Sahajpal’s Bigg Boss 15 was very special. Till the finale, people were understanding that every Sahajpal would be the winner of this show. But this could not happen. Even though Prateek Sahajpal could not become the winner of this TV show but he was loved by the public.

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