Oscar-winning Actress Susan Sarandon Was Arrested

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American film actress Susan Sarandon, 76, was arrested at a protest at the New York State Capitol, where those present were in favor of raising the minimum wage for restaurant workers who receive tips .

According to journalists, New York state lawmakers are preparing to increase the minimum wage to $17 an hour, but restaurant workers are excluded from this new law.

Sarandon was among eight activists from the One Fair Wage movement who were arrested.

The last time New York State raised the minimum wage to $15 in 2016, a report claimed that the wages of tipped workers had fallen by 25%.

Before her arrest, Sarandon spoke at a rally where she insisted on how important these workers are.

“They are very, very important and should be treated with dignity, not only because of the backbreaking work they do, but also because of what they have to do to communicate, understand and be patient, and in everything , which is associated with a successful business, – the actress emphasized.

Just a few days earlier, Sarandon had supported the Writers Guild of America strike.

This is not the first arrest of the actress. In June 2018, she was detained during the Women Disobey protests in Washington, D.C. She was arrested along with 575 other people protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Along with an active social life, Sarandon continues to act in films. She most recently completed Maybe I Do with Diane Keaton, William H. Macy, Richard Gere and Emma Roberts. And on August 18, the film “Blue Beetle” is released, where she played a heroine named Victoria Kord.

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Susan Sarandon is an Oscar winner. Among her most famous works are the paintings “Stepmother”, “Noel”, “Let’s Dance”, “Love and Cigarettes”, “Enchanted”, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, “Cloud Atlas”.

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