Aromastherapy for Weight Loss

loosing weight through aroma

How to Loose Weight Through Aroma Therapy?

Indigenous ways of living often relied on aromas. Even the humans had a strong instinct about their food and weather by the aroma in the atmosphere. This sense may have been lost now as we have evolved, but the Science behind aromatic foods and how they affect our sensory organs remains intact and even more stronger. You will be surprised to know that just like some aromas act as appetizers, there are some that curb your hunger. For example aroma of a freshly baked muffin or cinnamon rolls ameliorate your hunger and easily seduce you to this

a “forbidden” treat. Similarly, there are flavours that can suppress appetite and help us lose weight? Yes! Let us figure out which aromatic foods are these:

Olive oil

According to the study conducted by specialists of the German Research Center for Food Chemistry, people who felt the aroma of olive oil during meals felt more full and ate less. So each time you plunge to diet or eat less just add a little oil to a salad or even yogurt or just pour it in a saucer and keep it on the dining table – the aroma will curb your hunger and will definitely help!


Strong essential aromas – garlic, onions and chili – make us bite smaller pieces and chew more thoroughly. And when we drive slowly, we are saturated faster – and do not transmit. This is how we are stimulating weight loss. Green apples and bananas

Neutral sweet flavors help curb your appetite: if you are hungry, smell a banana, an apple or just vanilla – and you eat at dinner as much as you need to saturate and not a bit more.


Another plant whose smell helps curb your appetite are the Dill leaves. Feel hungry? Eat a stalk of dill and drink it with a glass of cold water – hunger will take off like no other!


The most common fruit for dieters, grapefruit not only helps us burn extra calories, but also prevents overeating. Just inhale the aroma of grapefruit for 15 minutes before eating – and you definitely will not overeat!

The power of aromas cannot be underestimated as they are used not just for appetite, but also for various therapeutic conditions. Stay Healthy!

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