Be Healthy, Avoid Cold Disease

Winter is on its way in Delhi, as we know that January is more harder and colder month. In the month of December, we usually  think before taking a bath but now we have to think before washing our hands. Now a days, most of people get caught by cold and viral.  There are few things that is most beneficial in the winter, and that is

Daily Exercise:- Go for walk and exercise, it would be better if you can do at both time morning and evening.
Because exercise makes you feel warm and can also sleep well.

Use Boil Water:– Avoid cold water these days, always use boiled water for drinking and other uses.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Be Happy:– Romanticize your environment, play with pets and do other things that make you feel happy.

Cough Syrup:- These days, cough syrup is a must at home, if one family member has cough then it can spread to other members, every doctor recommends you cough syrup.

Consult A Doctor:-  We shouldn’t think that cold flue is a minor disease, it can create problem for your whole family, If you feel cold and flue then consult a good doctor. Don’t try to become a specialist by yourself.

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