Woman Alleges Kidnapping in Sandeshkhali Amidst Ongoing Sexual Exploitation Allegations Against TMC Leaders

sandeshkhali rape case

Sandeshkhali, West Bengal – A woman from Sandeshkhali lodged a police complaint on Thursday, claiming that she was kidnapped by three individuals outside her house. This incident occurs in the same area where serious allegations of sexual exploitation have been made against leaders of the Trinamool Congress (TMC).

The woman reported the incident to the Sandeshkhali police station, stating that she was coerced into falsely testifying in court that the reported atrocities against women in the area were unfounded. According to a senior police officer, the complaint was promptly registered at 2:30 PM on Thursday.

The officer, sharing details with PTI, confirmed that an investigation is underway. The complaint specifically names three individuals as the perpetrators. Despite the serious nature of the allegations, no arrests have been made so far.

The case highlights ongoing tensions and the precarious situation for women in Sandeshkhali, raising concerns about safety and justice in the region. The investigation continues as authorities seek to verify the woman’s claims and address the broader issues of violence and exploitation in the community.

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