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21 blitz online game for earning money

When it comes to earning money online, we have many options available. You must also know this, but when it comes to earning money by playing online games, some people are shocked to hear this. A question arises in their mind that can money be earned by playing online games? There are many such online gaming websites available on the internet which provide you an opportunity to earn money by playing games. There are many such games that you can enjoy playing in your Android, iOS or Computer and can also collect some money as well. You can transfer this money to your wallet like PayTm or Phone Pe or you can also recharge your mobile number. Along with playing games, you can also earn money by doing online surveys here. The best part is that you don’t have to do any special work here. All you have to do is play the game and earn money.

Can We Earn Money by Playing Games?

Why do money making games give money?

When we open a game, you must have seen that the advertising company’s ad runs inside that app and the app developer gets the money for the same ad and with the same money the app developers also give some percentage to the game player.  Now more and more people will download and play that game in their phone or computer, the more that game developer will earn through ad, but if there are thousands or millions of game apps in the market, then there is so much competition to advance your game app. Some game developers pay more and more money to the gamer so that their game app is downloaded more and more.

So only to get ahead in all this competition, game developers give money to their users, they want their game to be used the most in this competition and they should earn the most.

Apart from this, when many game apps come new in the market, they pay money in exchange for playing the game in the beginning to increase the download of their game to promote their game, and in such a situation people download it faster. And also complete their entertainment of playing games and earn some money too.

How  to Earn Money with Online Games

Earning money by playing games is not as easy as you might be thinking but it is not a difficult task either, that is, if you are ready to work a little hard, then you can easily earn money with the help of your smartphone.  To earn money by playing games, you just have to download some such application in your smartphone which can send you money for playing games with only a little hard work. You will find many such applications on the play store but the sad thing is that most of them are fake but there are some applications which are not completely trusted. But let me tell you that before Dawnloading any Online Gaming App, you must know about it, is the app Real or Fake. Because in today’s time there are many fake apps on playstore.

For this you need a Smartphone and fast internet, which everyone has. If you are a student, then you can also withdraw your pocket money with fun through all these Mobile Gaming App. So let’s know, Game khel kar paise kaise kamaye?

If you want to download money earning game in 2021 i.e. want to earn some money while playing the game, then in this post we will tell you some such games by which you will be able to earn money by playing it.

There are many games in which competition is kept, and many people play in a group and everyone invests a little bit of their money in that game, then the one who gets the most points in that game wins the game and put all. The money earned goes to him.

Best Money Making Games Online

Here we will advise you to download five money earning games, by playing which you will be able to earn money and transfer that money to your Paytm Wallet.

‎1. 21 Blitz – Real Cash Card Game:

21 Blitz is a mix of 21 and Solitaire. It’s a perfect way to practice your 21 skills, train your brain or just pass the time and earn money while playing. You can play it with real people as competitors in this game. You just need a smart phone and internet connection. It is available for both android user and iphone users.

21 blitz online game for earning money

2. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

  • Downloads (50 Million+)
  • Star Ratings (3.5+ Ratings)
  • Reviews (25K+)
  • Official Developer (Galactus Funware Technology Private Limited)
  • Requirements Android (5.1+)
  • Age Criteria (17+)
  • Income Limit (Based on Luck)

The biggest feature of MPL Game App is that if you win even 1 rupee in this game, then you will be able to transfer that one rupee to your Paytm or bank account, in many games this limit is kept that you can go here. Collect 100 rupees only then you will be able to transfer or if you collect 200 rupees only then you will be able to transfer but there is no such limit in this game you will be able to transfer the money you win to your paytm immediately.

MPL online game

You can earn a lot of money by playing a money earning game named MPL and you can also transfer that money to your paytm, to download this game type mpl apk in your browser and then search this game Download this game by opening the Ko’s website will be visible at the top, it will ask you for some permissions, after allowing it, You will register by entering your mobile number in it.
This game is currently being promoted by famous cricketer Virat Kohli. After registering in this app, when it is opened, you will see the photo of Virat Kohli on its home page itself, the homepage of this app will look as shown below.

You will find many games in this app, you will play any game and on winning, money will be added to your MPL wallet. The biggest thing is that you will be able to transfer even little money to bank account in this app, in many apps there is a limit that you will be able to transfer only if you collect 100 bucks or 200 bucks, but such a limit has not been kept in it.
How to Transfer Money from MPL Game App to digital wallet

When you win some money in MPL Game App, to transfer it to your digital wallet Wallet, a small Withdrawal icon will appear in the top right corner of the home page of this app as shown by the mark in the above picture, its Click above.

Now click on the red withdraw button in front of the winning cash below, as soon as you click, you will get the option to link Amazon pay, upi, bank account and paytm, whichever of these you want to take money in violet or account. To link to this app, click on Link Account.
For example, if you want to link digital wallet with this app, then after entering your Paytm number, you have to submit the OTP received on that number and your digital wallet is linked to MPL Game.

When your digital wallet is linked with MPL Game, then after entering the above amount to transfer money in digital wallet, click on the Withdraw button below and then submit the OTP on the registered mobile number in digital wallet and then from the money will be transferred to your bank account.

You can also earn money by referring this app to your friends, but you will not be able to transfer the referral money to your digital account or to any account, but can play more games by using that money in different ways in this app.
And you will be able to transfer the money that you win while playing the game to your account, but yes if you win even $1, you will be able to transfer that one $  to your account. There is no limit here that deposit so much, then only you will be able to transfer, in this game we get the right to transfer $ 1 also, I transferred $ 3 from this game to my bank account or any other online wallet.

3. TapCash Games – TapTo Earn Real Money:

Tap Cash Games are mobile games where you can earn money by spending less time playing these games, making it easier to build up your bankroll faster to make more money! With Tap Cash Games, there is no time wasting yourself trying to win every single round of the game hoping for a lucky break; Instead of hoping and praying, just relax and watch your mobile savings grow with the mobile app.

Tap to cash online earning game


4. Loco (Money Earning Online Game)

Loco is a money earning game in which you can earn money by answering some questions. Here you will have 10 questions inside each question, and there are three options available to answer each question and you have to choose one of those three.
When you start answering a question, you have 10 seconds and within these 10 seconds you have to choose any one of the three options of that question. If you have chosen the right option, then you answer that question correctly.

loco online game for earn money online

If you want to get more and more questions in Loco Game, then for this you have to collect Coin, to collect Coin, you can share this game with your friends, the more you download from your referral link, the more More and more coins will be collected in your wallet and you will be able to play more and more games. If you answer the 10 questions found in Loco Game correctly, then you may get a reward of 50 thousand to one lakh rupees and then you will be able to transfer those money to Paytm Wallet.

How To Download Loco Game

To download this money earning game, type Loco game in your browser and then search the website of this game will appear at the top, download this game by opening it and then install it, after installing your Paytm mobile in it Register by entering the number and then enter the referral code, you will get 1540 free coins as soon as you enter this referral code.

5. Ludo Supreme (Play the Game Win Money)

Ludo Supreme Game is one of the best game that can be earned by playing the game and the winning amount can be transferred to Paytm Wallet or Bank Account. In the balance of this game, you will see three types of balance, one that you add money here, and second that you win by playing this game and third one which you earn by referring this game to your friends.
The middle balance in these three balances is the winning balance, which you collect money for playing this game and you will be able to transfer this money to paytm or bank. Whatever money you get in this game by referral, you will be able to use that money for playing in other games.

Ludo supreme gold online game

How To Download Ludo Supreme Game?

To download this money winning game, type Ludo Supreme in your browser and then search the website of this game will appear at the top, download this game by opening it, then install and then open it, after opening you Register with your Paytm mobile number. When asked for referral code, enter this code +91975zit0. After registering complete your profile and after completing here you get ₹ 10 as bonus, if you are asked for referral code here then enter this code, and then start earning money by playing games.

Ludo Supreme Game Refer & Earn

To earn money by referring Ludo Supreme Game to your friends, open this game and then click on the round circle of settings in the top right corner, and then click on Refer & earn. On clicking on Refer & Earn, a popup will appear in front of you, in which the policy of referral will be told, remove this popup by clicking on the cut mark in the top right side corner and then copy your referral code on WhatsApp or other social platform. Click to share and then share with your friends.

The online money earning games mentioned above are such games in which you will be able to successfully transfer the earned money to your digital wallet and bank account. There are many such games which claim to pay money but in reality, we have presented these five games to you after thorough research and investigation.

The game should be played like a game, we play games for our entertainment and it should not be an addiction, because if you are engaged in the game from morning till evening, then whatever field you are in, whether it is studies Whether it is the field of business or any business, you will be behind in it.

6. Bigo Live – Bigo Live Money Earning App

Bigo Live is a live-streaming mobile app where you can watch or broadcast yourself playing mobile games for real cash prizes. The more viewers you have, the higher the prize money!

There are many Bingo app availble online like livbing, bingolive, Online Bingo, Blackout Bingo etc.

By playing onilne bingo games, you can only earn pocket money because you do not play the game from morning till evening but play little by little occasionally to entertain yourself.

Blackout Bingo online game for earning money

We told here how to download different types of money earning games and you can transfer this game to your bank account by earning some money from the game in your spare time.

If you have any query related to this post How to Download Money Winning Game or you want to give any suggestion related to this post then feel free in below comment box.

Other Popular Online Earning Games from Which You Can Earn Money

7. DREAM 11

Downloads (90 Million+)
Star Ratings (4.4+ Ratings)
Reviews (79K+)
Official Developer (Dream Sports)
Requirements Android (5.0+)
Age Criteria (17+ years old)
Income Limit (Based on Luck)
Get Dream 11 Here

In this game, before the start of the live match, you have to create a team and when the match is over, you get money according to the ranking of your team. To be a part of this game, you have to pay some fees, but if your team is able to make its place in the top 10 list, then you can easily win from a few thousand to lakhs of rupees sitting at home. For more you can visit: https://www.dream11.com/.


This is the easiest way to earn money by playing online games. In QUIZWIN you play QUIZ absolutely free. You do not have to pay any fees for this. If you win QUIZ, you get money in the form of Paytm cash. Keep one thing in mind that questions can be asked on any topic in the quiz game.

9. BIG TIME Cash

Downloads (10 Million+)
Star Ratings (4.2+ ratings)
Reviews (380K+)
Official Developer (WINR Games Inc)
Requirements Android (5.0+)
Income Limit (Based on Luck)
Install Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash

This game is very popular online game made by WINR games inc. This 80 MB game has got a rating of 3.9 stars on Google Play Store. So far more than 1 million people have downloaded this game from the Play Store. In this, you have to collect some reward points by playing the game. Which you can later convert to dollars. When you finish $10, you can transfer that money to your account.


Pokerbaazi is the most popular Poker playing website in India. You can also become a part of the tournament to play the game in it. You get money when you win the game. The most special thing about this game is that you get 24×7 customer support service in it. So that in case of any kind of problem in the game, you can directly talk to the customer care and get the solution of your problem.


You can earn real cash by playing Classic Rummy Game. To join this game, you have to pay some fees, which can be from minimum 5 rupees to 10 rupees.


This app was launched in the year 2017. It has a rating of 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store. With this app also you can earn good money by playing games. To earn money from this app, you have to download it from Google Play Store and register on it. As soon as you register, you will get 700 Coins as a bonus, through which you will be able to earn more and more money. In this, you can earn a lot of money by inviting your friends and family members as well. In this you can withdraw minimum Rs.10.


You can also earn good money by playing games on Ace2Three App. Play Rummy on Ace2Three App. By joining this gaming app, you can play games with 8 million players and win their money.


Downloads (1 Million+)
Star Ratings (4.1+ Ratings)
Reviews (24K+)
Official Developer (Prodege)
Requirements Android (5.0+)
Income Limit $3 – $10 Daily

The way to earn money in this app is quite different from the way of earning money from above mentioned apps. In these ways, you can earn money by watching videos, playing games or completing surveys. Apart from this, some tasks are also given to you from this app, by completing which you can earn money. This is also a referral app, that is, you can earn good money by installing this app to another person. Best of luck.

2 things are most important in life. One is entertainment and the other is money. You can fulfill both the requirements by playing these money earning games. Some of these games are such that you can earn only a little money, but there are some games that you can earn a lot of money by playing. How did you find this information? Do let us know by writing in the comment box. If you also play any such money earning game, then definitely write the name of that game in the comment, thank you.

15. My11Circle

My11Circle is an eSports fantasy cricket game introduced by Tech Makhani and played by around 13 million people. In which anyone can start playing the game by investing a minimum of 25 rupees.
The winning amount depends on the tournament, which includes domestic and international competition. It allows you to create and manage your own team of bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders and wicket-keepers.

16. Learn How To Make Money With PlayerzPot Games

This is the best way to earn money from the best game ever, in which you can make a lot of money by creating some virtual teams. Whenever people comment and ask how to earn money by playing games or (konse game se paise kamaye) then we give advice about this game.

Because in this you win money by playing the game and get it in your account. It is very easy to play but for that first you have to download the app of this game, then you have to register after entering your details and after that you will be able to earn money by playing the game.

In today’s post, we talked about ‘how to earn money by playing games’ and learned about such online earning game application, with the help of which you can easily earn money sitting at home. If you are fond of playing games, then you must try all these applications once because your luck may shine in them and you can get very good profit from it.

17. Paytm First Game

PayTm App is used by almost everyone, through this app we use any kind of recharge and money transfer, but Paytm has created Paytm First Game and you can also entertain by playing this game. Also you can earn some money.
Former cricketer Kapil Dev is promoting Paytm First Game now, when you open this game, you will see the photo of Kapil Dev on the home page itself. We are telling below the process to download and register this game.

paytm first game

18. Earn Money Playing Gamezy Online Games

Gamezy App is an Indian – Bihari popular application to earn money by playing games. In this application you will find many such games through which you can easily earn money. You can transfer the money earned from this application to your bank account or if you want, to your bank account. Reffer and Earn option is also available in this app. Yes, if you want, you can earn even more money by inviting your friends to Gamezy. The special thing about this application is that you also get the option of live chat in it, in which you can get answers to all the questions related to this app and the solution of your problems. Visit more to know more about Gamezy -https://www.gamezy.com/

19. Mist Play Rewards:

Mist Play Rewards gives a program that is utilized to remunerate rewards in the form of points. These points can later be reclaimed for remunerations, for example, gift vouchers and so forth. The prizes esteem relies upon a few prestandard criteria. You can make up to $50 worth of remunerations each month on Mistplay.

20. WinZO Game App

WinZO Game is also a money earning game download, by playing this game you will be able to earn money and transfer it to digital Wallet. You can withdraw up to Rs.5000 daily from Winzo. You can get money in your digital wallet or bank account in few seconds.

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