How to Plant Cucumbers – Seed Selection, Garden Care and Expert Advice

how to plant cucumber in home

Environment Desk, Delhi Magazine: Cucumbers are one of the most popular vegetables that can be easily grown in a summer cottage. We figure out together with an expert how to plant them correctly and how to care for them in order to reap a good harvest.

If you decide to buy seeds in a store, keep in mind that they do not lose their germination for six to eight years. At the same time, seeds that are three to four years old have the highest quality – pay attention to the dates on the package. Cucumbers can be hybrid or varietal. The former are planted for one year, it will not be possible to collect seeds from them, and the latter can be used to renew the crop next season.

It is good if there is an opportunity to check the quality of the seeds outside the package. In any case, before landing, its contents should be selected:

  • The right seeds are full, not flat;
  • In water, they should sink to the bottom, and not float to the surface.

Features of a particular variety are indicated on the packaging of seeds. Cucumbers are divided into universal, salad and varieties for pickling and canning. In most cases, for a variety of uses, the first option is chosen.

The timing of the ripening of the crop also varies: ultra-early cucumbers can be plucked after 40 days, early – after 50, mid-ripening – after two months, and late – a little later. In addition, decide on the desired crop size:

  • Short-fruited cucumbers 3–5 cm long;
  • Gherkins – 4–9 cm;
  • Medium fruit – 9–14 cm;
  • Long-fruited – from 14 cm.

When to plant cucumbers in 2023

The temperature range suitable for cucumber germination is from 20 to 28 ° C, the most suitable is 23–25 ° C. If you’re germinating seeds, expect sprouts in about three to five days if the temperature is high, and a week to ten days if it’s in the low range. You would also like to read top bathroom plants.

Sowing dates depend on weather conditions and the method of cultivation:

  • for seedlings for greenhouses, seeds are prepared from the end of March;
  • for planting in open ground, seedlings should be dealt with from mid to late April;
  • plan to land after the May holidays and until about June 10th.

How to plant cucumbers (Instructions):

Cucumbers are planted according to certain schemes. Most often, three landing options are used, from which you can choose the most suitable:

  • In rows – the distance between the holes for seeds should be 12–30 cm;
  • Tape (in two rows) – from 30 to 35 cm;
  • Checkerboard – 30-35 cm between the holes, in each hole up to ten seeds (from the seedlings it will be necessary to remove half and leave only five or six sprouts).

How to care for a cucumber

Shoots can be damaged by insects. If this happens, you will notice the lesion on the stems and leaves. They can be disposed of with chemical solutions, usually chlorophos or thiophos. From white mites, cucumbers are treated with hydrogen peroxide.


Remember to water every 5-7 days. Up to 4-5 liters of water are consumed for each meter of planting. After the appearance of the ovaries, cucumbers are watered every two to three weeks, depending on the weather. It is important to do this when the bed is in the shade – in the morning or in the evening, but not in the midday heat, so that the reflected sun’s rays do not burn the leaves. In this case, there should be more water than in the first irrigation period.

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