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Fashion Desk, Delhi Magazine: The word ignorant is not to be taken literally. This is a tattoo style that revolves around simple designs, mostly line work without any additional coloring.

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What is Ignorant Style Tattoo

It is also known as Jail Tatto Sytle. The style was born in the French underground scene, inspired by graffiti and made with total aesthetic freedom, with the intention of having as free a line as possible.

The ignorant tattoo style stands out for the exaggerated simplicity that it presents and the attitude of reluctance that can be seen in the designs. Both qualities were deeply criticized by other tattoo artists. However, they are what make this style something more than special and unique.

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The spirit of protest can be seen in poorly executed linework, ink blots, and extremely basic designs. It is important to remember that the protest has always been an issue related to tattooing and graffiti in general.

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It is a style with great ideals represented through simple designs. They are an option to consider, for example, to fill gaps between tattoos or even to highlight other more intricate designs.

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The emergence and popularization of the ignorant tattoo

The ignorant tattoo men and ignorant tattoo women tottoo style arose, in part, from the French FUZI who defines it as a trend that began on the walls and reached the skin. The Paris artist based his first designs on this technique on New York graffiti. He himself began his career in street art and then moved to the world of needles.

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The ignorant tattoo became popular in 2012 when the French artist tattooed the actress Scarlett Johansson. In addition, this style was present in different Gucci collections that further increased its popularity in the mainstream world.

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Criticism of the Ignorant Tattoo

The ignorant tattoo is a quite criticized tattoo style in the world of tattooing. Those who criticize it see the style as an extremely simple way of doing tattoos and, moreover, as the name implies “ignorant”. They usually argue that those who follow this style do not know how to tattoo or paint and, for that reason, they resort to this type of tattoo.

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Ignorant style has the characteristic of sometimes being uncomfortable, expressing a feeling or simply aesthetic. With modern elements and features that flirt with the old school, ignorant tattoos are very cool and have been gaining many fans around the world, even though in other parst of world we still don’t have many tattoo artists specialized in this style.

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Butterfly, tribal or very complex dragons have a place in the ignorant style, a trait that has taken over the skin of tattoo lovers.

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Meaning and Expression of Ignorant Tattoos

Ignorant tattoos aren’t about a lack of an education, it is more of a reaction or a rebellion against rules and standardization. It is an homage to freedom of expression without being tied down by convention or guidelines.

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What is the most famous tattoo of all time?

My bet would be that the TV show Flipper had something to do with it.

  • Dragons. No wonder this legendary fire-breathing creature tops our list.
  • Butterfly. The butterfly tattoo is beautiful to say the least.
  • Wings
  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Skulls.
  • Intestines
  • Tribal samples.

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