Islamic activist Khalida Parveen questions Modi’s colorful dress

modi in bhagwa dress

Conutry Desk, Delhi Magazine: Controversy continues in Karnataka over Hijab and Bhagwa Scarf. The government has issued an order to implement the dress code. Even after this the controversy did not end. To link it, Islamic activist Khalida Parveen also added a tweet over PM Modi’s colorful dress in temple.

Khalida Parveen

The battle of Hijab vs Saffron Gamch

The battle of Hijab vs Saffron Gamcha is going on in Karnataka. Hindu students reached the college wearing a saffron gamchha. At the same time, Muslim girl students are coming to college wearing hijab. The administrative officials of the college stopped the students from wearing a gamchha and hijab, citing a government order. The Karnataka government had issued an order on Saturday itself, in which it was banned from wearing such clothes, which threatens to disturb the peace and order.

What does the government have to say?

Karnataka Home Minister Araga Gyanendra said on Thursday that one can neither come to schools wearing hijab nor wearing saffron gamchha. He has also ordered the police to keep a watch on such religious organizations who are trying to disturb the atmosphere.

He said that school is such a place where students of all religions should learn together and imbibe the feeling that we are not separate and all are children of Mother India.

On the students coming wearing hijab and saffron, he said that if someone wants to follow his/her religion then they should not come to school, he should follow his religion in the temple or mosque only.

In the midst of this controversy, now Islamic activist Khaleda Parveen has shared a picture of Prime Minister Modi, which is taken from a ceremony held in a temple. Sharing this picture, she wrote that-
In a secular country, PM can roam in colorful clothes but girls cannot enter college wearing hijab.


This tweet has become viral in few seconds. Many people like it and but some people trolled her by saying thant Aunty kabhi hijaab hatao and dimaag mei thodi hawa lagne do, He is not going to school/college, he is going to temple. No one will stop your daughters if they go to mosque in Hijaab, umm wait, They can’t go to mosque anyway. so sorry.

A user Anju chopra replied on her tweet by saying that “Secular doesn’t mean you start breaking the rules of law. The PM is following his religious beliefs in religious place not in parliament or in his office. According to constitution every citizen has the right to following his religious beliefs but not at the cost of others”.

Who is Khalida Parveen

Khalida Parveen is an Islamic Activist from Hyderabad. She is running an NGO in Hyderabad. Her name has been in controversies in the past as well. She also raised her voice against CAA and tried to create an another Shahin Bagh like protest in Hyderabad. She opposed the triple talaq law by ignoring the atrocities on Muslim women.


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