Kate Winslet Broke the Record for Underwater Scene During Avatar 2

Hollywood Desk, DelhiMagazine: During the filming of the movie Avatar 2: The Journey of Water, a lot of underwater scenes were recorded, so the actors had to learn to hold their breath for a long time, and Kate Winslet proved to be the best at this, as she even broke Tom Cruise’s record.

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The actress recently gave an interview to Empire online magazine, where she revealed how difficult it was for her to learn to control her lungs while filming the underwater scenes. There was a lot of practice and, of course, professional divers helped Kate, who is filming with James Cameron for the first time, as they had worked together before in Titanic.

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Winslet was able to hold her breath for approximately 7 minutes , breaking Tom Cruise’s record, which he set in the film industry in Mission: Impossible – Secret Nation. The actress said that while holding her breath, her mind went through a list, which she went through every point, so she was able to concentrate and stay calm. Sigourney Weaver also almost set a record, she was able to stay underwater for six and a half minutes.

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