Patricia Kelly : Corona Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightely

Patricia Kelly

The singer contracted the corona virus two weeks ago. She even had to be hospitalized because of severe symptoms. Now she is shifted to emergency room.

Two weeks ago, the 51-year-old singer got infected and suddenly felt sick. But at first she didn’t think about Corona. “It came out of nowhere! The symptoms were also very atypical”, Patricia recalls the outbreak of the disease in an interview with “Bild”. The singer had severe abdominal cramps and kidney pain, and finally had to be admitted to the emergency room of a Düsseldorf clinic. There she tested positive for Covid-19 .

“The pain was up and down,” said Patricia. For a week she was extremely weak, had hardly any appetite and just lay in bed. The singer recovered slowly, but then: “I thought I was healthy again, so it started all over again, the same pain again,” she added.

But now she’s doing better again. Her husband Denis and their two sons Alexander and Iggi did not become infected. “I hope that this is over and that I can look forward to antibodies soon,” emphasizes the singer.

After the illness, Patricia Kelly has a very clear opinion about the virus and said in a video post on Instagram: “I can now say from my own experience: Corona should not be taken lightly!”.

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