Places Not for Love: Where You Shouldn’t Have Sex

Places not for love

Practice shows that if the desire is overwhelmed, you can satisfy it literally anywhere. Still, some places should be avoided for various reasons.

Places not for love

1. In a moving car
You can understand for yourself why you shouldn’t do this, but let’s add some harsh statistics. According to polls, a third of those practicing sex in a car exceeded the speed limit, another third were chaotically rearranging from lane to lane, and 11% drove a car with four hands. So you better park your car: it will feel the same, but you will definitely not cripple anyone.

2. In the pool
Sex in water is very beautifully shown in films, but in real life it is far from so beautiful. Bleach changes the pH balance inside you, so it’s easy to get an infection. And if the water is not highly chlorinated enough, all sorts of unpleasant bacteria are already circulating in it. Yes, the risk is not 100%, but does it make sense to take risks?

3. In the ocean
Endless water space, which hides everything, and also swim around the fish … Romance! Moreover, there is no bleach. But not only does the salt water make vaginal sex very difficult – one Italian couple literally fused their genitals! It sounds ridiculous, but they had to be taken to intensive care and surgically separated, using, among other things, a cervical dilator, which is sometimes used during childbirth. The price for sex in the water is too high, don’t you think?

4. On the balcony
There is a great view from there, and if you are not afraid of heights – go for it! Only now from the balconies, it happens, they fall. In 2014, in London, a couple of students, a 19-year-old Russian woman and an 18-year-old Mexican, fell from a sixth-floor balcony. Eyewitnesses claim that they were going to have sex, for which the girl sat on the balcony railing. Apparently, in the process, the lovers could not resist, fell and crashed to death.

5. On the sand
There are as many scenes filmed about sex in the sand as about sex in water, and you probably think it’s great to ride on soft sand and enjoy life. But for your intimate places, it can end in pain and the same infection that has penetrated through micro-cuts on the skin. Skip this option.

6. In a public toilet
There you can catch at least five unpleasant infections, not to mention diarrhea. So the place is, of course, secluded, but not for sexual pleasures.

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