Who is Carlos Alba? The most unknown contestant of Survivors 2021

Carlos alba chef

Calos Alba lives in Seville, was born in Germany in 1979 and is of Italian origin . He is a businessman who had several beauty centers.

carlos albaHe said he wanted to start his own restaurant to continue earning money for his wife and his two Chihuahuas , pets whose faces he has tattooed on his arms. He also revealed that he had been a professional cyclist for the Portuguese Benfica. She started in the cooking competition as part of Samantha Vallejo-Nágera’s team and it didn’t take her long to star in some controversy with her teammates. ” I’m a little cheater in the game,” he released in a delivery in which he acknowledged that he was cheating on one of his rivals, Laly , who ended up expelled. Carlos Alba has more than 120,000 followers on his Instagram account , where he defines himself as a businessman, athlete and celebrity chef. In the aforementioned social network, he has shared publications in which he can be seen with celebrities such as Nacho Guerreros, Amor Romeira, Verónica Dulanto or Bibiana Fernández. Victorio is his twin, who was on the set of the first Survivors 2021 gala to act as his brother’s defender. The two have a YouTube channel called Category Twins , where they cook together and share recipes. Carlos Alba has remained among the eight participants of the Telecinco ‘reality’ who have not yet been able to make the traditional jump from the helicopter. He will have to spend his first days as one of the inhabitants of the Stranded Ship , the location with the worst living conditions.

There he will have to share space with Antonio Canales, Sylvia Pantoja, Alexia Rivas, Lara Sajen, Valeria Marini, Agustín Bravo and Palito Dominguín. Days before the first gala the 16 adventurers arrived in Honduras and began their coexistence. The chef showed the contents of his suitcase in a video. He acknowledged that perhaps he had been wrong to wear “a coat for the North Pole.” He taught that his personal object is a noisy stuffed monkey that reminds him of his family.

The participant of the Telecinco reality show did not jump from the helicopter and will have to live in the Stranded Ship. Carlos Alba is one of the 16 participants of Survivors 2021 , the ‘reality’ that premiered on Thursday, April 8 on Telecinco . It was the sixth announcement of the casting and its name was revealed by Cuatro al día on March 18.

Although for some of the viewers he may be one of the most unknown contestants, he already has experience in television. It went through the seventh edition of MasterChef , broadcast in 2019 on La 1 , where it was at the gates of the final .

For the first time in the program, viewers have decided how ‘Survivors’ starts and the fate of the 16 contestants of ‘Survivors’ was in their hands.

It is noted that the audience for the reality show ‘Survivors’ decided that Antonio Canales would leave the dreaded ‘Stranded Ship’ bound for the more comfortable ‘Isla del Pirata Morgan’, beating Carlos Alba in the voting .

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