France in the Threat of Islamic Fanaticism and Support of India

France in threat of islamic attack

Observing two Jihadi attacks in less than two weeks, France seem to be mourning the death of its citizens. Another cruel act of beheading the college professor Samuel Patty, by an Islamist of Chechen Russian descent, accusing him of showing caricatures to his students of the Prophet Muhammad and killing three people, including two women Was, in a radical attack on a church in Nees city on Thursday moved many hearts and made them cry.

chalie hebdo cartoon pic_giant5_010715_SM_Mohammed-Cartoons_0-2These Islamic terrorist activities have increased anger against religious fundamentalism in France. French President, Emmanuel Macron, who was there, condemned the “Islamic terrorist attack” on Thursday, while anti-French demonstrations and calls for a boycott of anti-French products have increased in Muslim-majority countries since last weekend so that President Emmanuel Macron To support freedom of caricature. Clashes occurred near the French Embassy residence in Beirut on Friday, announced Thursday, following an attack on a security guard at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

islamic attacks in franceThe French Foreign Minister confided to French citizens living abroad after the attack that the threat against French interests was “everywhere”. According to Interior Minister Gerald Dermannin, “We are at war against an enemy who is both an internal enemy and an external enemy.” He also said, “We are not against one religion, but one ideology, Islamist ideology.”

While thousands of Muslims demonstrated in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Palestinian territories on Friday 30 October to protest the French government’s support for the freedom of caricature. The protesters lit French flags. “France insults two billion Muslims in the world. President Macron must apologize for his crimes, ”said Ghazi Ataur Rahman, a senior official of the Islamic Andolan Bangladesh (IAB), one of the main Bangladeshi Islamist parties that called for protests.

In Bangladesh, the main protest took place in the capital, Dhaka, the second-biggest demonstration in five days against France. Police counted 12,000 participants, with independent observers and organizers reporting over 40,000. Small gatherings took place outside hundreds of mosques in the city.

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Calls for Supporting France

Strong Indian Prime MinisterIndian Prime Minister Modi calls for supporting France by tweeting his concern for the deceased and their families.

PM Modi addressed this heinous attack by saying, “in today’s environment, all countries of the world, all governments, all creeds, need to be united against terrorism. The sense of peace, brotherhood and mutual respect is the true identity of humanity. Terrorism-violence can never benefit anyone”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slams people who support terrorism:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed those who supported terrorism. DPM Modi said that ‘the way some people have come out openly in support of terrorism, it is a matter of global concern today’. He did not directly mention what happened in France, but with his words, he definitely targeted people who supported terrorism.


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