July 25, 2023: Martyrs Proclus and Hilarius – What can not be done today?


Religious Desk, Delhi Magazine: Today the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the martyrs Proclus and Hilarius. They were nephew and uncle. They were subjected to terrible tortures for their faith in Christ (chariot running, tying to a post, prison and beheading), but until their death the martyrs were faithful to the Lord.

What not to do on July 25:

  • do makeovers;
  • clean and wash;
  • work with fire.

Folk signs and beliefs:

  • mushrooms appeared in the forest – it will get colder soon;
  • dew dries for a long time after the night – expect a thunderstorm;
  • leaves turned yellow on the tops of the trees – autumn will be early;
  • bees buzzing loudly – to the heat.

Angel Day is celebrated:

Ivan, Andrei, Mikhail, Anton, Arseny, Gavrilo, Fedor, Maria, Veronica.

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Born on this day:

1967 – Matt LeBlanc, American actor best known for his role as Joey Tribbiani on the sitcom Friends.

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