Awadhesh and Arti Morya : The Real Love Story

Arti Awadhesh Love Story

Inspirational Desk, Delhi Magazine: The marriage of Aarti Maurya, a resident of Kunda area of UP Pratapgarh, was fixed with Awadhesh of a nearby village. The procession was to come on 8th December. Clarinets were playing in both the houses. The family members and other guests were getting ready, when around 1.00 pm, while trying to save a small child, the bride Aarti’s foot slipped and she fell down from the terrace. His spinal cord was completely broken. There were injuries in other parts of the body including waist and legs.

Family Suggested to Marry Younger Sister of Arti to Awadesh

When the doctors told that at present she is crippled and cannot move from the bed for several months, everyone’s senses were blown away. Aarti’s family and other people felt that the boy’s parents would break the marriage, because despite the treatment, there was little hope of her complete recovery. The family members offered the groom Awadhesh and his family to marry the younger sister of the bride Aarti, but the decision taken by the groom Awadhesh at that time was not expected by anyone. No one had even imagined that the step taken by a seemingly normal family member would be beyond their imagination.

Awadhesh Signed  as Husband on the Form of Operation

Awadhesh said that even in this condition, he would not only adopt Aarti as his wife, but would also get married on the same day at the appointed time. After this, he wanted to fulfill the demand of Aarti, who was undergoing treatment with the help of oxygen support system. On Awadhesh’s insistence, after taking permission from the team of doctors, Aarti was brought back home in an ambulance after two hours. The marriage rituals were performed by laying her on a stretcher. His demand was filled only in case of oxygen and drip. Like common brides, Aarti was also bid farewell. It is a different matter that instead of going to her in-laws house, she was brought back to the hospital. Awadhesh himself signed as husband on the form of operation to be held the next day, salutations to the thoughts of Awadhesh ji

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