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PDF Converter

Tech Desk, Delhi- Magazine: One of the most advanced solutions nowadays can be found on the PDFBear websites. This is a free website that features various tools you can use for paperless document-related purposes. The tools are easy to use. You just have to read and follow all the necessary steps provided. 

PDF Converter

Almost all academic institutions and business industries are now adopting a cloud-based solution for easier and convenient transactions. As a result, thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals nowadays are dealing with a large number of documents on a daily basis. This is where the PDF converting site takes place. Check out these top things you can do with PDF Converting and get to it more. 

Convert Your Files Into Another Format

Converting your documents to another format has been made easier with PDF converters. The amount of time for conversion will never be an issue. You can simply convert Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, or PPT to PDF in the safest way possible. You just have to visit its webpage, click the “Select Files” button to upload and let the converter tool handle the rest. 

Repair PDF Files

If you have some unsupported documents on your phone or desktop as a result of technical errors, the PDF Converter’s repair tool will do the entire repairing task on your behalf. It will just take a matter of seconds to complete. Simply click the “Select Files” button to upload your damaged document to the website and allow the tool to analyze and process it. 

Unlock Your Protected PDF

Forgetting our PDF password is a big problem. In this case, the best action you can take is to let the PDF Bear’s tool handle the whole procedure for you. Then, you just have to upload your PDF to the toolbox, and in just a few seconds, your files will be unlocked. 

The best thing about this website is its safety procedure. Your documents will be protected at all costs. Thus, rest assured that the confidentiality of your files will remain private and safe from any prying eyes on the internet.

Delete Unwanted PDF Pages

Removing some content from your PDFs may take time, especially if you have used the wrong and unsafe tool. But, in PDF BEar, everything will be smooth, easy, and safe.  You can remove PDF pages in just a few taps. Just follow the steps provided. Many people use a web-based tool like this to remove unnecessary pages from their PDFs. 

Adding A Watermark

One of the best things about the PDFBear site is its ability to add watermarks to PDF documents. This lets you take ownership of your work. Thus, this is useful for businesses and academic institutions. 

The first step is to upload the documents that you’d like to modify. Following that, you can either type the watermark or upload a picture to use as a watermark. Your file will be processed in a matter of seconds. You can then save the newly updated PDF to your device or your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Protect Your PDF Files

This feature is opposite to the website’s unlock PDF tool. Instead of unlocking it, the protect PDF tool will totally lock your document for safety purposes. If you are concerned about unidentified individuals viewing your confidential information, limiting the number of people who can access your document is vital. The most common method for protecting it is to use PDFBear’s protect PDF tool.

To achieve this, simply upload the document to the website. Then, choose the encryption key you want to use. After that, press the “Encrypt PDF” button to begin. After the whole procedure, your newly encrypted PDF is ready to be downloaded on your device. 

Adding Page Numbers

You’d also be able to add page numbers to your PDFs in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry; all of those procedures will be provided so that you can follow them. This function will help make your paper more professional and presentable. The tool will offer you various options to choose from when adding the page numbers. You can put the numbers down at the bottom left corner or the upper right. The choice is yours. 


With its advanced solutions and safe to use cloud-based tools, you cannot doubt why PDF converter has become an essential website for businesses and academic-related purposes. They already gratify hundreds of users nowadays due to their useful functions, especially those mentioned above. So give it a try now, and make your life convenient and easier. The website is free to use, making it the friendliest technology nowadays. 

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